Thursday, January 10, 2008

Absentee ballots are being mailed out in California for the Feb.5th primary. Here's some help for the California voters:

Vote for Rudy!!
Thinking that I had no New Year's resolutions........ I was wrong. I resolve to keep my blog updated this year. The next step is to actually get my website up to date. I'm pretty sure that there is a tech-conspiracy against me. I got a new phone and a new Garmin recently, both prove to be frustrating at best! My myspace locked me out just like my website did. My new myspace locked me out for a good month. W! Or WUV I'm told is the proper "Whatever" spelling. WUV!

I think I need my own personal IT geek. Hmm... another resolution in the works.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Here's a little help for the East Coast...... Vote for Rudy!!

Ahh... a New Year! I just spent the first week watching the History channel til 3am, sleeping til noon, and oblivious to the outside World. In otherwords, I've been sick in bed. I'm feeling much better finally, I just needed a week to recover from 2007. The Holidays really took it's toll on me. I stood still for a few minutes on the first and everything caught up with me. I didn't have time to relax at the end of 2007, so I guess it worked out ok:)

As for the TV aspect, at least Jay Leno came back on the air. The History channel is very interesting. A big asteriod will destroy the earth in 2029, the Universe started as less then an atom before expanding,the ice-age killed off the dinosaurs- caused by the asteriod that crashed into the earth thus causing fires that blocked out the sun, which in turn caused the ice-age. That about covers it. Oh, except now I need to buy that miracle saw that won't cut your fingers but will cut through pipes. And worm holes will be used for time travel....... as soon as we can find one, or prove that they exist..... by finding one?