Friday, February 06, 2004

I know it’s been too long! Sometimes “life happens” and you just can’t do everything. I took off at the last minute to Las Vegas for the Super bowl! It was a blast! If you can’t have a great time in Vegas……………….stay home! Several friends and patrons were there so that made the trip even more entertaining. Nothing like watching the Super Bowl on a giant screen in the Cirque de Soleil venue at Treasure Island. They really take care of you during the game. Waitress service, appetizers, and big comfortable seats. Okay, I’m not that into football, but the commercials are always fun. The half-time show was a bit of a shock; I wasn’t sure what I was looking at when Justin pulled off part of Janet’s top. Things look blurry on a movie-sized screen.

Anyway, off to work………running late!