Saturday, August 30, 2003

I’m so angry with Adelphia! My cable modem connection just stopped after they supposedly upgraded the software for security reasons two days ago! They can’t or won’t come out to fix it until September 6th! I’m running my campaign through e-mails and my website, which I can’t seem to get to now! Don’t these people realize how important this is? I explained my situation and they were like “oh well.” I’m thinking a DSL line is sounding good right now along with Direct TV instead of the digital cable! Anyway, if you need to get in touch with me I have an old back-up address at the painstakingly slow dial-up AOL.
I’m off to deva’s again. Someone from the L.A. City Beat will be there at noon to photograph me. Good thing I’m not afraid of a camera, I never thought so many people would be interested. How fun though!
I’m off to Vegas this weekend to hopefully relax by the pool and read through all the mail and dozens of surveys I’ve been sent. I’m going to see Cher at the MGM on Sunday. (Don’t give me hard time.) Hey, it’s her historic final, final, final farewell tour—I’m into historic stuff. Beside, the Rio is picking up the tab based on my play—I tend to be lucky! I’ll be checking my e-mail while I’m away. Well, at least the mail at AOL. I can’t get my mail through Adelphia, even though they said it shouldn’t be a problem. Yeah right!
Wish me luck!

Friday, August 29, 2003

I’m in the L.A. Times today in the Calendar section. The column that Roy Rivenburg wrote is entertaining. Check it out at! Anyway, I had so much fun yesterday (other than the traffic) going to downtown L.A. First I went to a photo shoot at the L.A. Times building. That place is huge! It takes up an entire block downtown. They told me to bring something that they photograph that makes me unique. Where to start? Anyway, I brought my autographed baseball of Pete Rose “Charlie Hustle.” I explained I love baseball and I collect memorabilia. My Dad used to take my brother and me to Major League games when we were younger. Being from Ohio of course I liked the Reds, but the Detroit Tigers were our favorite team. They won the World Series in 1984 I believe (plus Detroit was a lot closer than Cincinnati.) We even went to spring training down in Lakeland, Florida during spring break. I remember Wade Boggs asking me out after a game against the Tigers and I had to tell him I was only 17 and with my Dad! I wish he were alive to see all this today! He passed away at the early age of 49. My Dad, Roger Renz, was the Greatest! He was a teacher and basketball coach; he even passed away in the middle of one of his team’s games. He never gave up and coached up until he passed away. My Dad actually had to call the coach of the girl basketball team and have me kicked off for drinking! (Not too smart throwing a party at your house when you Dad’s basketball team is playing out of town!) That’s probably what started me down the path to owning a bar! There’s so much more time to drink when you don’t have to go to practice everyday!
Anyway, back to my story………………
At the L.A. Times they had me holding a martini and throwing a shaker up in the air a hundred times! Guess they thought that would be more entertaining. After the photo shoot I went to Raleigh Studios to try out/ audition for the “Who wants to be Governor” game show. Everyone there was extremely nice and made me feel at ease. I think I did pretty well, at least up until I had to sing! We shall see what they do with that clip! I drove down Melrose afterwards and there are so many neat little shops and cafĂ©’s, I need to spend a day there!
Well, off to deva’s! Eddie from “Last Call” Magazine (a local magazine for bars and restaurants) is coming by to take a picture and maybe a small interview.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I don’t want to go too long without writing in this blog. So much has happened I couldn’t begin to describe what’s going on! It’s so exciting, yet draining. I had an interview with Roy Rivenberg from the L. A. Times yesterday at deva’s. The photographer took so many pictures! Hopefully they use one of them and not an old file picture. My bio came out on Monday on page 2 of the Orange County
Register. The article was good (almost ½ a page,) but they didn’t use any of the pictures that they took the previous Thursday. They had a very professional photographer lady come out (sorry, can’t remember her name,) who took several good pictures (she let me see them in the digital viewer.) They instead used a picture of me shaking the Poorman’s hand when I first met him the day we filed papers on August 9th at the Registrar of Voters in Santa Ana. ?? Oh well. I was also in the L.A. Times on Monday pictured with the Poorman at the “Governor’s Ball.” There seems to be a theme going on here.??
I’m headed to L.A. and Hollywood tomorrow. I need to have my picture taken at the L.A. Times for another project--- with a twist:) Next, it’s off to Melrose for my audition/ interview for the Game Show Network, “Who Wants To Be Governor!” This should be exciting! I’d love to be on the show! I just sent off information about myself to the show so they would have some concept of all the fascinating things I’ve done in my life. Let me tell you…………good thing Word lets you keep on typing (or in my case try to type and pray spell-check is working in full force!) I couldn’t possibly write down everything interesting that has happened in my life. I’ll post more about me later in this blog. I don’t want to tell you everything I’ve told the press............ there would be no surprises in the paper! (I’ll tell ya all soon enough.)
Well, time for a glass of Cabernet and a soak in the Jacuzzi!