Saturday, August 23, 2003

The channel 7 news piece aired with Jaie Avila on Thursday afternoon. I think it turned out just fine, he's so cute. I went to “Governor’s Ball that night held at Backstage. There were so many cameras and tape recorders I’m not entirely sure who all interviewed me or snapped my picture. I know that the Technology Channel spent more camera time on my legs than anything else. I talked to a wonderful person, Valerie Mitchell that has a show called “Vib’n With Val.” I haven’t had time to listen yet but you can check her out at A Japanese TV Network was there among channel 7 and UPN. UPN (channel 13) asked me if I had seen the new Taco Bell advertising promotion and wanted to know what item on the menu I would be. I couldn’t reply. I’m not sure stating I would consider myself a “soft taco supreme” or “nachos bellgrande” would’ve been a good move. I bet Madd TV, Saturday Night Live, and Jay Leno can’t wait to start the jokes on this promotion! I did speak with a very pleasant Beverly White from channel 4. I made it back to deva’s just in time to catch myself on channel 4. They only aired the serious candidates. There were some characters there! The Poorman had his entire bikini brigade there, some with painted on bikini tops! There were more bikini girls than candidates. The “Bumhunter” arrived via limousine with a Budweiser drinking, cape-wearing, masked sidekick. He spoke with an Australian accent and was actually pretty entertaining. I felt bad for one gentleman who was there from Orange County; he missed qualifying by 2 votes. He turned in 85 signatures and only 63 verified. (I can’t remember his name at the moment.) Ian Copeland, the owner, and Cindy Rackowitz were both terrific hosts. It was a ton of fun and I’m glad I went.
I was on the cover of Tustin News on Thursday as well. What a day! That should get the people of Tustin talking. Actually I am seeing a lot of new faces at the bar lately which is always a good thing. My bio comes out in the Orange County Register on Monday. There was a small blurb today in the paper indicating so.
Last night I just rested, I’m so exhausted! I stayed home and grilled a big steak and watched a movie. Tonight however I must make an appearance at some friend’s BLT party (black tie, lingerie, or toga). Gary and Jeff are great people and they have this party every year, can’t wait to see them.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I just finished being interviewed by Bob & Jay on their “Humpday” show. That’s apparently a global Internet radio show. To get their votes, my new slogan should be “Nickel Beer on Tuesdays!” Others have suggested “Skin to Win,” but I think there are other candidates that are using some form of that one. I listened in after the interview, and heard them say I was a”humper.” (Guess the name of the show doesn’t stand entirely for Wednesday’s.) Well, they said they might stop by the bar. Come on down you guys, I’ll buy the first round!
I still don’t know when the channel 7 news piece will be one, hopefully today sometime. Preferably it will air early as I’m going with some friends tonight to see the Gypsy Kings. Love those guitars! I still haven’t heard back from the Good Day L A Show, I would just have so much fun on that show. Tomorrow night is a party, the” Governor’s Ball, “ being put on at Backstage in Beverly Hills. That should be interesting. So much to do in so little time. Being my own campaign manager is difficult, but I’m sure enjoying all of this attention. First you have to get the attention, and then you can get your message across.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Today is a hectic day! Answering all the e-mails and filing out surveys. It seems every paper in the State wants a different profile on us underdog candidates as well as pictures. It's fun but it's a ton of work. I have a business to run on top of everything else! I'm waiting right now for my news story to appear on channel 7 news. They said sometime between 4pm and 6:30pm. That's really narrowing it down. To top things off they're going to go live to Gray Davis at 5pm so we can listen to his pathetic ideas comparing himself to the impeachment of Clinton. Give me a break!
Well, I'm listening to Davis speak right now and he's making me sick! First of all he has the nerve to walk out with his wife and kiss her before his speech. I guess that's because he was a good kisser when he was 24 on a beach in Hawaii...............please! He blames the republicans for everything. The so called "Republican Power Grab." Davis tried to appear interesting and lively. Well, he tried. He took absolutely No responsibility for the fiscal melt down this state is in. Ridiculous!

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Today is my first day Blogging! People are calling me and I am getting a lot of offers to be on TV. I am also in Google. The top link is a guy who has an opinion on me based on the fact that my first and last name begin with the same letter!