Wednesday, August 18, 2004

There never too young to start them down the right path! Posted by Hello

I kind of like this car! Hey, the important part is that I'm in the front seat:) Posted by Hello
Well, the corn is gone across the street so I guess I don't have to put my house on the market yet.
Another lovely day at the doctor's office. There isn't enough ice to make the pain stop! I'm really hurting today:( I went by to visit my poor car finally. I guess the spare tire did save me from being crushed. The entire area under my trunk was squashed. Apparently she was going around 35-40 mph when she plowed into me. Still not sure if they can fix my car. This is such a nightmare. If you don't have un-insured motorist now and call your insurance agent! Guess I'll have to start looking for new vehicles just in case.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Okay, corn grows really fast this time of year!

Two weeks ago....................... Posted by Hello
Another trip to the doctor today to look at my messed up x-rays. Apparently there are a bunch of pinched nerves in my back as well as my neck. It's weird because you can actually see how my bones are all tweaked to one side. The doctor asked if I was hit harder from the right side of the back of my car. Well, if you look at the picture..................there it is, my x-rays line up with my car!
On the lighter side of things I just have put up a picture of my neighbors house. They are growing corn in the front yard! Right in between the rose bushes and the palm trees! I think the shopping cart is a nice touch! It's a nice family of 26 that rented the place earlier this year. If I hear a rooster I'm going to start complaining! You just have to laugh:)

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Me & Charmayne......registering those Republicans! Posted by Hello

Can you believe they put the National Guard so close to the Kerry people? Posted by Hello

Hanging out with the National Guard. Posted by Hello

Let's see someone try to rear end me in one of these!. Posted by Hello

At the fundraiser........... Posted by Hello
Everyday I wake up there seems to be new pain somewhere. This whiplash thing is so messed up! If I'm going to be injured, it would be nice to know what's going to hurt all at once so I can deal with it. Anyway................
I skipped over a lot of fun stuff that went on. On the 3rd I went to see "The Producers" at the OC Performing Arts Center. The musical was funny but you could see the jokes coming from a mile away. I took my acting teacher from Cypress College, Mark. It was great to catch up on everything. We've stayed friends after all these years despite the fact I used to storm out of his classroom or get thrown out. Did I mention before that he actually made me come to school for two weeks without makeup, jewelry, and high heels? I did it so I wouldn't get thrown out permanently. Mark thought I used the clothes and makeup to hide behind therefore it was too difficult to concentrate on being real. I used to love acting class. I think it was dreadful for him to sit through the musical, but he's a trooper.
The following night I catered a fundraiser for Dr. Alexandria Coronado ( Alex for short) at John Kelly's Shop in Tustin. (I posted pictures during the recall in front of his place with the Million Dollar Macanudo Bus). It was a fun evening with a great turn out. So many people want to see Alex replace that horrible Loretta Sanchez. I have received so many flyers from Sanchez and they all have small print on the bottom that says "This mailing was prepared, published, and mailed at taxpayer expense." I'm so happy my tax dollars are helping this woman send out full color flyers telling me what a wonderful person she is. Please................
The following weekend I spent a few hours registering voters at the OC Swapmeet with Charmayne. She's so energetic, we had a good time and registered a ton of Republicans! It was very interesting being right by the National Guard recruiters, who were exactly next to the Kerry people. The Kerry people even tried to put a Kerry Vietnam picture next to the National Guard's Hummer to make it look like they were a part of there set up. These people are idiots. I had to chase one of them away from our booth after he started making fun of our Bush banner. We ran out of bumper stickers while they couldn't give there's away:)
That brings us up to the accident I guess. I was actually on my way to deva's for the Boxer vs. Jones Debate party I was going to have. My friend Mike is just back from Baghdad with his first order of business being to rescue me form the side of the 55 fwy.
Some news I think I neglected to write about is the fact that I am going to New York as a volunteer for the RNC! I was afraid the accident was going to cancel my trip, but I'm going no matter how much pain I'm in! I'll have to make sure they don't use all the ice for cocktails in Ny so I'll have some for my neck & back! Which is where I'm headed now................not for NY..........for the ice. Okay, and maybe a glass of wine.