Friday, December 31, 2004

The M2 Collision place had a power outage the other day , which explains why no one answered the phone. They weren't exactly thrilled to see my BMW driving back in yesterday. So I have yet another rental car to figure out. I wonder how long it will be this time? They better have put the car inside or it's going to be a BMW pond. It's always nice to have the option to shower in your car while driving on those days you're running late.

Well, this is my last entry of the year, I can't believe 2004 will be gone in a few hours. I always tell people that in the bar business as soon as Halloween comes around, you blink and it's New Year's. Superbowl isn't until February, so I get a month off between parties. I better get this party in the rental and head to the bar...............................


Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Deva's stayed open until 2am on Christmas and we had a steady stream of customers. Everyone is so much nicer on Christmas, a few people even brought me turkey dinner.

So I left my car outside last night in the pouring rain, or as the media refers to it; "The big Storm!" That was a good test for my supposedly "fixed" car. I sat down in a lovely puddle and had a nice shower as I drove to the store. Apparently the water soaked all the way through the convertible top and I'm sure that's going to smell wonderful after the rains go away. It's okay though because I called M2 Collision where they fixed my car and the phone just rang and rang. Maybe they are out of business I thought. So, I called my insurance agent and he is out of town for 2 weeks. They promised me someone else would get back to me right away. It's after 6pm and I guess they forgot. I hope the "Doc" I'm going to see in the morning doesn't mind working on a soggy patient. ( Yes, my back is still killing me!) I guess I will need a new car after all. That's if I can get my insurance company to understand a new phrase I picked up called "diminished value."

Well, I've vented enough for this evening. Back to cooking my rainy weather beef vegetable stew.