Friday, October 10, 2003

Let me finish up on what happened Wednesday. I know, I know, it’s Friday already, but I have paperwork for deva’s to catch up on! Okay, so after we left the interview at the hotel we drove down Melrose to find a place to eat. Melrose is a great place to visit; the streets are filled with little shops, boutiques, and cafes. We ate at GoodFellas, they had the exact same picture hanging in there that I have at home on the wall. The difference being, mine is actually signed by Joe Pesci, Ray Liotta (my favorite, I have a story about him too- a cute one,) Robert DeNiro, Martin Scorsese, and Paul Sorvino! It’s right next to my Al Pacino autographed Scare Face photo, you know the scene “say hello to my little friend!” Anyway, after lunch it was 6:30pm so we started home. We were driving by the Improv and they had a line outside so I told Barry to pull over. It was a bad time to get on the freeway so we just went into the Improv. It was open mic night, where anyone could go up on stage and try out their material. It’s fun to see the new comedians risk bombing up there, takes a lot of guts! I know because at one time I had two minutes prepared for stand-up and I was too afraid to go on stage. I’m a much better heckler! I talked with a few of the comedians and for some reason they thought I was there to get up on stage. One of them asked me if I was going on and I said I just finished a two-month gig. He asked where and I said “Running for Governor!” That got a good laugh! Afterwards I told the host of the show the same thing and he was disappointed he didn’t know earlier so he could really make fun of me. I didn’t say anything because I wanted to hear all the Governor jokes without them knowing. They do not like Arnold up in that area! Too bad. Anyway, we stayed for about four hours and laughed our butts off! I needed that!

On a sad note, Wally George passed away earlier this week, or last week. I read something about the services in the paper today. He was a nice guy; I did some advertising on his show here locally a couple of years ago. He interviewed me briefly about deva’s on his show, I had almost forgotten about that. Wally actually came to deva’s and we sang karaoke together! Then he signed autographs for everyone. I need to dig that picture out and hang on my wall.

Another sad note, Rush Limbaugh ending his show today announcing that he was addicted to pain killers. I wonder if that’s why he lost his hearing a few years ago? My Uncle has a bad back and he was on medication for so long that he lost most of his hearing. I was a little surprised listening to Rush today, but I hope he gets better. There are so many people addicted to prescription pain medication, I know several people. Barry was on Morphine for a year after they removed his bladder. He eventually got off of the medication even though his doctor told him to keep taking it. He was taking pain medication for his recent knee surgery but quit a few days ago, and I see what he’s going through, it’s not easy. When you have chronic pain I don’t see much of an alternative to medication. I know personally, I injured my neck and I was in pain for several years at one time. Chronic pain is the worst! It’s also extremely depressing. I didn’t become addicted to any medication but I could see where someone else might. The medication just made me feel sick, it never seemed to actually work so I stopped taking it and just wondered around in pain for a long time. Well, I hope Rush will come out of this okay!

Thursday, October 09, 2003

The interview went great yesterday up in West Hollywood! It was “live,” but I felt good about it. The BBC World (cable news channel 24 in the UK,) went from coverage of Arnold’s press conference to ask me about him! I told them I was thrilled that Arnold won and that I thought he would do a great job bringing both sides together so that there would be unity in California. It’s funny, because after the first interview the reporter told me that Arnold had just said that he would bring both sides together in his press conference that she was listening to in her earpiece. It was beautiful up there on the roof of Le Parc Suites Hotel off of Melrose. Apparently that’s a popular spot for newscasts because of the scenic backdrop of the Hollywood Hills. We were standing on boxes during the interview so that the Hills would show behind us. Not an easy task when you’re wearing high heels! I think my knees were shaking together during the interview! The BBC is such a group of lovely people; they have all been so pleasant. I had mentioned about the mistake in their article on the BBC Online website where the headline over my name said “Porn Star’s Platform,” and the fact that my bar is spelled “deva’s,” not “diva’s.” I also told them I am not in LA, but in Orange County. The reporter made one phone call and it’s fixed:


It’s still not the best article on me, but at least they got the information straight. I never spoke to the person who wrote the article, she obviously watched the news story that Tom Carver did. I find that if I actually speak to the reporter myself, that the story is more positive. I can understand if you haven’t spoken to me directly you could get the wrong impression. Bar owner, deva’s, blonde, short skirts, etc…………..never judge a book by its cover!
I also did an interview yesterday with Jeff Fitzgerald from WLIO TV Station in Lima, Ohio. I hope it turned out okay considering we were driving up the 405 in the bumpy car pool lane.
I only received 284 votes. That’s fine by me! Day one after I flied my nomination papers, I did my first interview on TV and said I wanted everyone to vote for the front runner when it comes down to wire on Election Day. I went on Fox news nationally and told people to vote for Arnold if he is the frontrunner on Oct.7th! Not that I could take enough votes away from any Republican to change the outcome in this election, but what if it had been closer? What if the 10,110 votes that Mary Carey received actually made the difference in who would become Governor? What if all the Votes that the so-called “other” candidates received actually took away enough votes from Arnold so that we ended up with Cruz Bustamante? Cruz would’ve been worse than Davis! His platform was basically following along with Davis did and doing even more of the same! What a dumb idea that was. Anyway, I didn’t know what a big deal everyone was going to make over the amount of votes! Most of my friends and supporters voted for Arnold because we believe that any Republican is better than Davis or Bustamante! So, while I didn’t finish anywhere near the top vote- wise, I finished at the top in getting the word out for the Republican Party! I hope that Tom McClintock is forgiven by certain groups for not getting out of the race, and therefore, possibly splitting the vote. I have not heard a bad word about McClintock other than this. Most say he is a stand-up, straightforward guy. Even Bill, a Democrat doing a documentary said he really respected McClintock even though he didn’t agree with all his views. Hopefully we will see him as our Governor one day in the future!

On another, somewhat amusing note:
I was writing about James Worthy the other day, a funny little story about how my roommate at the time, Whittney, and I met him in Hollywood. Well, I received an e-mail from someone who claims that he is a close friend of James and that James doesn’t remember me and has never been to my bar. Then he went on to attack my looks, calling me a “5 ½” out of 10, and maybe a “6 or 7” after a few drinks! He wrote that I’m just trying to make a name for myself! That’s funny! I think running for Governor and getting national as well as international attention has done that! I am replying to this person so if he really is James’ friend we can set the record straight:

Of course he doesn't remember, it was in 1991! If you are a good friend of his then you probably shouldn't attack me on my looks---that's low. I'll have to go into more detail on my blog I guess. I was trying to be nice and keep it light, it's not like I said we had sex or anything. I'm sure there will be plenty of that in the book his wife is writing.
He drove a silver-gray BMW at he time, I know because we talked in the parking lot at A & M Records after a B-day party for Luther Vandross. Magic Johnson wasn't with him because he was under the weather (it was right before he announced he had AIDS.) Mario Van Peeples was there, he asked out my friend, Whittney, as well. Sounds of Blackness performed. We were there catering the party, working for Tony Whitehead (I think he is a cousin to the Jackson Family, or so I was told when I met him at their home on Havenhurst.) Plus, I do have an autograph made out to the Cypress College Girls Basketball Team from James Worthy! Anyway, I really don't think that mentioning someone called my roommate and myself 12 years later is "trying to make a name for myself!" I think running for Governor of California pretty much took care of that!

People are funny. James certainly didn’t think either one of us young, blonde girls was anything less than a “10” on that evening. I was just excited about meeting a basketball player because at the time I was playing basketball for Cypress College. It was actually quite funny how we started talking that evening. I was serving the food, hot licks, fried chicken, and mussel greens. James came up to me and asked how he could get some more chicken. I (being the forever smart-mouth) said he would have to smile first, and then asked him how tall he was. I then proceeded to tell him that he should play basketball because of his height, while he laughed. All the while Whittney was poking me in the ribs with her elbow, trying to tell me who he was. Of course I refused to listen to her and kept giving him a hard time. James told me he did play basketball. I said “oh yeah, what team?” He replied “The Laker’s,” and then I was so embarrassed because I didn’t recognize him in a nice suit without the glasses he always wore when he was playing. Anyway, it was a fun evening for Whittney and I!

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

I woke up early this morning and opened the back door to six friendly faces. No, not reporters or fans, ducks! I went out by the pool with the paper and my Earl Grey tea (with a spot of milk of course,) and my two cats to relax for the first morning in a long time. Unfortunately the friendly ducks made a mess of my pool, but it was refreshing to see them. The Election Day diary was there on page two, noting what an unpleasant experience I had at the polls. A little further into the paper was a picture of me doing a shot of Jagermeister-Of Course! I told the OC Register photographer that as soon as I take a drink, that the photo they always seem to use. He agreed and sent it off via laptop. The LA Times was there as well trying to beat the deadline. I don’t know if there are any pictures of me or not, I haven’t seen today’s paper yet. I did see the two he sent in, one was of a “fan” giving me a bouquet of flowers, and the other was of me holding the Join Arnold sign as I gave my concession speech. Hey, at least I conceded prior to Bustamante or Davis, I knew Arnold would win easily! Okay, I hoped he would win so California doesn’t turn into Mexifornia! Yeah Arnold! I’m thrilled he won! Not much of an election night, at about five minutes after the polls closed Arnold was declared victorious! Good thing my party started at 5pm! Barry cooked all day so that we could serve around 200 tacos! I had a blast as usual. I had students from Cal State Northridge and Cal State Fullerton there to interview me and take pictures; it was fun for them as well. The customers were starting to get dizzy with all the camera flashes going off!
Guess who won the “deva’s poll?” Okay, it was I! I only voted for myself three times. Arnold came in second and the “Yes” on Recall won by a landslide! It helped that Caren, one of our wonderful regulars bought the bar a round of kamikazes! We all had a good time!
Well, I’m off to yet another interview with the BBC in West Hollywood. BBC World is broadcasting from the roof of a hotel up there. I’m so tired, but I promised so off I go!

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

It's Election Day!
I just voted for myself for Governor! Like I ever thought I’d write those words! It was sort of strange going to the polls and actually seeing my name there on the official ballot. I do have to say I am deeply upset about my voting experience today! It was the worst voting experience I have ever had! Usually everyone is so nice and accommodating at the polls. Instead of voting in a neighbors garage this time I had to go vote at Royale Health Care Center, on Warner Ave, in Santa Ana. My boyfriend came with me to take a picture of me voting at the polls. I was standing outside by a sign that said, “VOTE,” and had an arrow pointing to the entrance. My boyfriend took a picture and some woman from the nursing home came out and yelled that we could not take pictures within 100 feet of a polling place. So my boyfriend turned off the camera and stood off to the side on his crutches. A few women started looking at him and then went and got another person in charge to come and ask him what he was doing there! He replied he was waiting for me and they asked if he was from a film crew. He told them no, and continued to wait. I was in line and the first rude woman that had yelled at us came by and knocked into me, hitting my purse in the air, then gave me a nasty look. I was so upset that I called the Registrar of Voters and they informed me it was okay to take a picture as long as I wasn’t interfering in the voting process. I told them I just wanted to take a picture of myself by the sign out front. She told me that was just fine. In the meantime the Health Care Center had shooed away two news camera crews. So I went back out front and Barry proceeded to take my picture. Another extremely rude woman came charging out and yelled at us that we could not take pictures. I explained to her that it was only of me and that the Registrar of Voters said it was okay. She then said, “No it is not! This is private property and you do not have permission to take pictures!” She then turned to Barry and yelled, “This is the second time you’ve been told!” Then she motioned for us to leave, so we did. What rude people! These are the people in charge of an elderly Health Care facility, I feel sorry for the elderly stuck in that place! Okay, I’ll calm down now, but I’m really upset about being treated so rudely when we weren’t doing anything except taking a picture of me! I have watched Arnold, Cruz, McClintock, and many others on the news today voting!

That will probably be in the paper tomorrow. A reporter from the OC Register is calling the candidates throughout the day to find out what’s going on during Election Day. He first called to ask what I had for breakfast. The next call, as you can imagine, was me being upset about the voting ordeal. Oh well, on to more important things. I have to get my “deva’s poll” board ready for tonight. Depending on which shot you order we are considering it a vote for the certain candidates. I’m Jagermeister! “Yes” on Recall is a Kamikaze (like Davis’ career,) Cruz is Wild Turkey, Arnold is Jack Daniels, Tom McClintock is Gentleman Jack, and Peter Camejo is Grasshopper (Green). Well, we need to put the finishing touches on the food for the open Taco Bar, so I better get busy! Party starts at 5pm!

The BBC has a story online today, you can view it at:
Only thing is, above my name they wrote: Porn Star’s Platform! I have e-mailed them hoping they will correct this! The article does mention that it is questionable whether or not Arnold can beat Reva Renz! Ha Ha!

Sunday, October 05, 2003

It’s Sunday evening and I’ve been here at my desk again all day! I have to get bills paid and deva’s paperwork, banks, deposits all ready for Monday. Can’t the rest of the world just stop for a few days so I can catch up? Wishful thinking!

I am in the Toledo Blade today, back in Ohio:

It’s funny because they allow you to send my picture as an e-mail greeting on their website. It’s kind of neat, I sent it to my brother in Ohio. We’re getting down to the wire now! I’ll be campaigning the best I can tomorrow. I am almost out of campaign materials! I thought I would have a ton of stuff left over, that’s not going to be the case. I even had to re-order a few things because of all the requests I have been getting. Everyone wants a piece of this historic recall election! That includes the Secretary of State! I received a letter requesting memorabilia to be preserved in the Golden State Museum.

Election Night will be a blast! Deva’s is having an Election Night Party starting at 5pm. We will be having shot specials, our own “deva’s poll,” and an open taco bar! You vote for a candidate by ordering the drink I have listed next to their name. Here’s a list straight from the flyer:

Reva Renee Renz Jagermeister
Arnold Schwarzenegger Jack Daniels
Tom McClintock Gentleman Jack
Cruz Bustamante Wild Turkey
Peter Camejo Grasshopper

Recall Davis Kamikaze

“No” on Recall (oh yeah right! Reva is Queen at deva’s, not an option to vote for this one!)

We will then place a mark by the candidates when a customer buys one of those shots on our “deva’s poll” board. Hey, if Taco Bell can do it, so can I! So stop by if you’re in the area on Tuesday!

I’m thinking I’ll be in for a surprise after this is all over. It’s been so much fun, but I need to rest. Then I’ll have to think of something more exciting to do! How can I top this run for Governor? This will be tricky! I’m sure something will come up. Us “other” candidates may need to start a support group, just kidding! It will be quite a change though. The only thing I’ve got lined up for Tuesday press wise is a radio station in L.A. that will be coming by deva’s during the party. ABC and the L.A. Times called but have not confirmed that they will show up. Oh well, it’s going to be a nice gathering regardless because I will be with the people who have supported me and that’s what’s important! I was going to go up to a big party in L.A. but I think staying here is the right thing to do.

Barry called relatives in London to tape record the BBC interview tomorrow night. They were a bit surprised by the reason he was calling! Anyway, I should get a copy as soon as they can transfer it so we can play it over here. I didn’t know they have different machines then we do when it comes to VCR’s. I thought it was just the electrical outlets. Barry is still waiting to hear from the doctors about his test results! Isn’t that ridiculous? Not knowing is driving us crazy! I hope that means no news is good news!

I heard from my best friend from 6th grade today. Shonda (Rice) Berry was my best friend back then and we always had so much fun at her slumber parties! A bunch of kids holding séances, playing with an Ouji Board, and pulling pranks on her little brother. More nice memories of Ohio. I even remember that we used the Ouji Board to ask at what age we would die. I think I was the only one who dared that question though. And after all this time, I have never forgotten the answer; 69. It’s weird what sticks with you. She informs me that her little brother, Bart, is over in Iraq right now on his second tour, and he is a Captain in the Army. Wow! I remember we would put his hand in a warm bowl of water when he was asleep trying to make him wet the bed. How funny! I certainly hope he kicks ass over there in Iraq and comes home safe!