Friday, September 12, 2003

I’m finally home from the hospital. Barry is okay, we just have to play the waiting game for results. I’m not sure if he was more frightened of the surgery, or me trying to drive us home with only two hours sleep and still thawing out from the freezing recovery room! We got there this morning at 5:30am and I see Marey Carey (the Porn candidate,) on the news announcing her plan to change last call to 4am! Whoever is coming up with platform ideas for Marey just ripped off my idea and expanded on it. I clearly stated in the L.A. Times Recall Madness column by Roy Rivenburg (08-29-03) that I would “extend last call by one hour.” The caption under my picture says, “Reva Renee Renz would recall last call.” As a bar owner I think extending the hours to 3am is a good start. We could actually study whether or not this increases revenue for the state, and help small business owners. Another idea would be to stop alcohol sales at 2am and continue to let bars serve coffee drinks or late night snacks to sober the patrons up after a night on the town. Just a thought. As it stands right now, patrons must be out of the bar by 2am.
On a fun note, I’ve decided to add to my blog a list of interesting items about myself that I had originally submitted to the Game Show Network. I didn’t make it on the show so why not!
Here goes……
To: Game Show Network
Re: Reva Renee Renz

I’m originally from a smaller town in Ohio. My mother lives in Florida. My brother is a basketball coach and schoolteacher in Ohio. My Dad was a basketball Coach and schoolteacher who passed away of cancer at the early age of 49. My Grandfather and Grandmother also died of cancer. You never know when it’s your turn. It’s one of the reasons I’m running for Governor of California. You only live once! I am here to live it to the fullest! I want everyone who comes in contact with me to be better for knowing me. Even if it’s small thing like just making them smileJ

I always try to help people out when I can and sometimes that lands me in interesting and funny positions. Here are a few:

The wedding I had in my backyard that I didn’t know was going to happen!
Last summer I was approached by a good friend who’s sister was getting married and needed a place to hold the reception because they had lost or could no longer afford the original place they had booked. He asked if I could have a “little” reception in the backyard of my house. My backyard was being worked on and was torn apart but they did not care. Well, one-week later people starting arriving at my house. First the Catholic Priest, the bride all in full wedding gown, and about 50 other people, mostly from Mexico & Guatemala. Needless to say I DJ’d, and bartended for an entire wedding that I could not understand because it was in Spanish! Everyone was happy though (and Thank God the soccer ball that came flying over the wall from a neighbor didn’t knock over the Holy water!)

Basketball Team
I played basketball at Cypress College. I was always a “Tom boy.” Upon meeting one of the Lakers basketball players up in Hollywood one night at A&M Records, I asked for an autograph for the basketball team. He asked me for my phone number saying he would love to come to one of our practices. This player called for and left messages for a few months on me and my roommate’s answering machine. Apparently he was only interested in having sex with the two of us! Anyway, I didn’t return his calls. My roommate & me just laughed every time we heard the messages. I didn’t name him because he’s married.

Those are just a few of the things I thought might be of interest to you. I know you don’t want a novel so I’ll highlight some things I’ve done:

· *Ran for Miss Cypress (I was the only contestant with cuts and bruises on her knees from playing basketball) & Miss Garden Grove Pageant.

· *Owned my own wholesale clothing business called L.A. HOT. I painted clothing and sold it in the Garment District in L.A. & to Judy’s Department Stores.

· *I worked in Real Estate trying to help people save their homes that were being foreclosed upon. I’ve actually had my Real Estate license twice. (I let it expire and then decided to get back into it.)

· I passed the Series #7 test to become a Stockbroker. I worked as a stockbroker for a while. I quit the first company so I could travel to London on a last minute invitation (completely another story there).

· I managed an Italian Restaurant in the City Mall of Orange (before it was torn down).

· I worked at Wet Seal as an Assistant Manager at that same Mall

· I went to the Final Game of the World Series last fall to see the Angel’s win!

· I went to the Stanley Cup Finals at The Pond earlier this year. Donald Trump fully checked me out when I stepped out of my friend’s suite. Also, a friend got Emilio Estevez’s autograph that night for me (he was so sweet). It was my first hockey game and it was center ice in one of the best suites! I love to have fun!

· I went to the Laker’s Final Game to watch them win the NBA Championship 3 years ago. Had seats in the 5th row behind Diane Cannon & Magic Johnson. Got caught in the middle of the riots walking down the street in my mini-skirt and high-heels! A trashcan flew over my head on fire and decided it was time to go home!

· I currently own and manage “deva’s,” a cocktail lounge in Tustin (it’s by Irvine.) We have sexy girls and a friendly neighborhood type of atmosphere. I’ve been there for 5 years. I’m putting together our 2nd Annual Golf Tournament for Sept 13th in the middle of this campaign.

As a bar owner I want to see no new taxes on alcohol and tobacco products! We need a reformed Worker’s Comp program that goes after the fraud in that industry. I’m also thinking that we should extend “last call” by at least an hour! I’m also behind a program called “Operation Life Saver.” It’s a program to save lives and taxpayer’s money. Instead of taking away the license of person convicted of a DUI, they pay for an IID (Ignition Interlock Device) to be placed on their car so they can still work, go to AA, and perform their community service. Most people drive anyway on a suspended license, this program will stop them from driving drunk and save lives!

I’ll stop there even though there’s so much more! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Reva Renee Renz

Good Night! Big golf day tomorrow!

Surgery is scheduled for 5:30am! That means I’ll have about 3 hours sleep. Oh well, I’ll sleep next week sometime. It’s all set for Fox 11 on Sunday evening; I’ll be in the studio for the 10pm news. Hope I’m still standing by then! I just finished the 80 tee-bags with all the shirts, hats, tees, balls, etc…. Saturday will be so much fun!
I watched the end of The Big Show with what’s-his-name today and the first thing he asked Trek Kelly is if he planned on voting for himself or, like the bar owner yesterday vote for Arnold. I guess that was the key because after he said he would vote for himself, Trek was allowed to talk. He did get cut off though in the middle of a thought as the show ran out of time. Trek did a good job, I think he knew what to expect after talking to a columnist that I had talked to after my interview yesterday.
Well, I’m exhausted so it’s off to sleep!
By the way, my mother was thrilled to be able to go buy a copy of the New York Times in Florida and see my picture in it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

I want to thank all of you for your supportive e-mails. What a day! I will be in the New York Times tomorrow, September 11th. I’m sure tomorrow’s paper will be full of articles related to the Anniversary of 9-11. I wanted to read the New York Times anyway tomorrow, now I’ll have even more of a reason. The article is actually about my blog mostly. It’s in the Technology section. Here’s the link:

I think it is a good article, and Michael Falcone was an absolute pleasure to talk to.
Well, I have to get the tee-times ready for my tournament and put together all the prizes. It’s going to be a long night! Oh, and by the way, I screwed up the official website while trying to fix it. Technology! Hopefully it will be back up tomorrow!
Let me just say that I was completely ambushed on “The Big Story with John Gibson!” Is it called that because he’s trying to compensate for something else? I bet he belongs to the group of men who have a “Big car and a small-you-know-what!” The person who called me regarding the show, George Aimes, told me that this was going to be a serious piece and gave me the questions that John was going to ask. I was also told he would not be making fun of me and I would have a chance to talk. What a big liar! I had some very important issues to bring up! No wonder this George guy said he was scared what I might write in my Blog after the show, I should’ve see it coming. You live and you learn. As for all you people out there e-mailing me to “toughen up,” I bet you don’t have balls to go on that show! Oh well, can’t win them all. I would’ve been better prepared had I known this Gibson character was going to treat me like a seasoned career politician. Is he saying that all bar owners are too stupid to run for office? He was exceptionally hard on me for some reason that I do not understand. As the guy in New York on my earpiece said, “Reva, you can’t buy this kind of publicity!” Whoever you were……… said it! I like the publicity but I still have something to say! I’ve never been more concerned over the situation our state is in right now. We do need a Republican in the Capitol! I do hope it’s either Arnold or Senator McClintock! If there’s ever a next time for a show such as this, I will be prepared!

I’m sitting here at my desk wondering how in the world am I going to get everything done? I’m still waiting to hear from New York regarding the studio conformation for today’s appearance on “The Big Story with John Gibson,” on FSN. They better hurry! I was just informed my friend will be having his surgery on Friday. He has a bone marrow test tomorrow as well. I guess I just won’t sleep until Sunday day! I’m sure I’ll look ravishing by then! You have to do you needs to be done. Deva’s golf tournament is Saturday and I’m still not ready, (people signed up at the last minute.) There will be 80 people there, good time to bring on the campaigning! By now I’m sure everyone has figured out that my ”friend” is my boyfriend. I’ve tried to keep him out of this but that can no longer be the case. We’ve been fighting cancer for almost 3 years now. He is a very strong person, and I refuse to let him give up! First it was bladder cancer, and then soon after came Lymphoma. The doctors removed his bladder and built him a new one. Medical advances are absolutely amazing! Unfortunately, as you all know, cancer is extremely resilient. The chemotherapy was difficult, and radiation wasn’t much fun either, but he’s still here and he’s still fighting. That’s the way it’s going to stay! Some people ask why I would run for Governor knowing his condition. My answer is this: He was in remission until last Thursday when they discovered a “hot spot,” I offered to quit this race and begged me not to. This has been a positive influence on him and he is enjoying every minute of the interviews and events. It’s keeping him positive and gets his mind off of the naturally negative thoughts one has in such a situation. You can't live life truly if you think it's the end. No one should! Live everyday to the fullest! His name is Bharat, but goes by Barry. I will do my best to stay on top of this campaign and see it through to the end, just as I will fight to keep Barry alive! I may not have time for all the appearances, meetings, or events, but Barry is more important than all those things. Life goes on and will continue to do so. I have a business to run and many people depend on me so I will remain strong and do the best I can.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Okay, it’s late and I’m the usually exhausted me. I do have to inform you that I will be on Fox News Channel tomorrow at 2pm. Actually, it’s between 2-3pm, more likely around 2:45pm. The Fox News channel is different based on what part of the country you’re in. So, 5pm is the Eastern Time for this “live” interview and I can’t direct you to any specific place. I do know that they interviewed Peter U. yesterday. He dropped out of the race today. Good for him! I think the man has a brilliant mind, yet this wasn’t his place. He is qualified, yet the ‘Lame Duck,” aspect wasn’t very appealing to many passionate people that would otherwise vote for either McClintock or Arnold.
On a personal note, I did not end up at the hospital all day long. Due to an error (imagine that) in the Kaiser Permanente system, my friend was only scheduled for pre-op. The surgery will be next week. I have so many friends dealing with health issues at this time, I can only keep them all in my prayers.
It’s early and I don’t have much time today to write in this blog. I’m on the way to the hospital with a close friend who is having surgery today to remove a cancerous tumor. I’ll be there all day long, but it should give me time to go through my mail finally. For something interesting in a local bar magazine “Last Call,” go check it out: Not my most flattering picture, but hey it gets the message out locally. Well, I’m off!

Monday, September 08, 2003

I had a great time at RJ’s in Beverly Hills! Meeting with and listening to the other candidates was fun and informative. I believe there was something like 45 candidates present. There is someone in this group to represent almost every citizen here in California, even a few who oppose the recall. These “other candidates” are a group of intelligent, passionate, concerned citizens. Even Iris talked to me (the rude one) and said she hoped I wasn’t offended by her comments the day before at KCET. She said I didn’t let her finish saying that she was there for the cameras as well. I told her I was offended and didn’t appreciate her rudeness. She said “Well, if that’s going to bother you, you’ll have bigger problems in the future of this campaign,” or something similar. Oh well. Maybe she read my blog or someone told her? Really, there’s no need to be catty!
As soon as the first break for media happened a reporter from the London Observer interviewed me and then had his photographer take several pictures of me along Beverly Dr. How exciting, I’ve actually made it nationally! I think I’ll be in the Magazine next week; the reporter is flying back to London today. Fox 11 News was there at the end and interviewed quite a few of us. It was the same camera guy that came to deva’s and he immediately recognized me. A real nice guy, he handed me the microphone and said,
“ Go ahead, you know the drill.” There wasn’t anything on the news last night so I’m not sure what it was for? I also interviewed with the New York Times Saturday evening for an article on the use of technology in my campaign, including this blog. They are coming out to deva’s later today to photograph me. Anyway, getting back to yesterday, I had so much fun after the meeting. A friend and me walked down Rodeo Drive and did some window shopping (like I have a choice on Rodeo, even a little tank top was $300,) we ended up at CafĂ©’ Rodeo in the Luxe Hotel. I was still wearing my “Elect Reva Renee Renz Governor” button and when we sat down for a late lunch (and a glass of wine) the bartender and a few employees asked for my autograph and bumper stickers. How funny? Me, on Rodeo Drive signing autographs! The bartender, I believe his name was Paul, was extremely knowledgeable about politics and was a delight to talk with. He’s an actor (of course,) and I hope he does well. After that we walked back down Rodeo where I took a picture holding my bumper sticker and then several tourist started filming me and taking my picture. What a fun day!