Saturday, September 27, 2003

So many things are happening I don’t know where to begin. I did have a nice dinner last night at Antenello’s, the scallopine saltimboca was delicious! The night before I actually collapsed on to the cement in my driveway. Exhaustion, lack of sleep, and not enough time to for dinner contributed to this. I have a bump on the head, and a huge bruise on my arm, but other than that I think I’ll be okay. I am a little dizzy though, and No, it has nothing to do with me being blonde! I can’t believe that people still assume I am stupid because of how I look. A perfect example of this happened at the game show taping the other night. I was down in the front row with fellow candidate Bahdi. Barry was seated in the back of the auditorium with Bahdi’s wife who kept saying that Bahdi is a serious candidate and she was angry that they were not treating him as such. Then she kept referring to the dumb candidates who were blonde. Barry tried to explain to her that I was not stupid, and how I am taking care of him. She still wouldn’t stop taking digs at me. Finally Barry actually got up and went out to the lobby to get away from her. I didn’t know this until later of course, but then she had the nerve to shake my hand and say what a pleasure it was to meet me. That’s too bad because Bahdi is a very nice person and I’ve had the pleasure of running into him at several events. I even loaned him powder for his face before an interview at KCET. Well, I guess it’s not his fault she is this way. I came across a magazine called The New American, where it actually says: “Vying with Flynt for the voyeur vote are a trio of blonde buxom bimbos: Reva “the Deva” Renz, a bar owner; Mary Carey, a lap dance porn queen; and Angelyne, the “Pink Party” bombshell. Hey, at least I got first mention! It’s actually funny because after the writer, William F. Jasper, mentions me, he adds that I am a bar owner. How could I possibly be a bimbo if I own and operate a bar? He obviously knows nothing about the bar business or any other business for that matter. The media has actually been pretty good to me so I can’t really complain too much. I actually was in the LA Times, NY times, and USA Today (or so I am told, I don’t have a copy yet of the USA Today) last Tuesday, the 23rd. What a day! I never imagined that happening! I have saved all the newspaper clipping from this campaign and put them up the window next door to deva’s. The “Wall of Reva” is expanding at a rapid pace! I’ve run out of room even, and I still don’t have all the pictures, I’m in newspapers and magazines that I have never even seen. This entire recall is absolutely amazing.
A scary thing happened the other day. A man left a message saying he was from the Associated Press and was doing a story on the recall and would like to interview me. I called back the 1-888 number he left me and it was constantly busy. I looked at my caller ID and saw that it was from a local number so I called that number and the lady who answered the phone had no idea what I was referring to. I called back the 1-888 number and they answered finally. I asked them about the local number and they insisted the AP had a local office here in Orange County. He then said to hold while he went to get his editor. I knew something wasn’t right because I had gone to the AP website and could find no mention of an office here locally. The man started the interview and then asked what the beeping noise was on my phone (he obviously thought I was recording him.) I told him that there was no beeping sound on my end so he asked me the first question; “Do you still live in Tustin?” At this point I asked (for the second time,) “Who am I speaking to exactly? What is your name?” He immediately hung up! I called the local number back and spoke to a lady at that business and she said that it would’ve been impossible for anyone to call me from that number. She suggested that someone was tapping into their phone lines and using their number to call me so I couldn’t trace them. Is that weird or what? Why would they go through so much trouble to ask me where I live? Scary! All the attention is terrific, but I realize the weirdo’s are coming out of the woodwork! I will be on “red alert” from now on!
I went to a meeting and luncheon yesterday at Tustin Ranch Golf Club for the Tustin Area Republican Women Federated. They are such a wonderful group of people. I met several of them at the Orange County meeting earlier this month. They are very supportive of me and again emphasized that they want to see me run for something locally. The President, Sally Weir, was so kind along with Yvonne Junor, the former President of this group. We watched a documentary titled “ Gratitude & Honor Memorial,” which one of the members and her husband produced. It is a documentary about a local memorial in Irvine dedicated to all the soldiers who have lost their lives in Iraq. It’s really quite touching and unbelievable how many people went there from all over the country to decorate each soldier’s separate memorial. You can donate $20.00 or more to receive a copy of this touching DVD. They are using the donations to replace the memorial with a permanent one. The website is . If you know anyone in Iraq or the in the military they would appreciate seeing this. I bought two copies myself. I’m saving one for a friend of mine Mike Cahil who is over in Iraq right now. He came home briefly a few weeks ago but had to get back there to get the job done. My grandfather fought in the First World War, as his grave so proudly points out with all the decorations. He died of lung cancer right before he was to retire. Unlike my father, he did smoke. Apparently our family happens to have some unlucky gene that seems to invite cancer in. I still remember going to visit my grandfather as a kid when he would deliver milk to Defiance, the city in Ohio we lived in at the time. My grandparents were farmers and my grandfather owned and drove milk trucks. I’m talking about giant trucks that delivered milk to the processing centers that in turn bottled it or re-sold it, I’m not really sure exactly. They owned several different businesses, and worked extremely hard. . My grandmother started a company selling Aloe Vera products way back in the late 70’s or early 80’s. My grandparents must be where I get my entrepurnial spirit. My aunt and uncle currently farm the land my grandparents used to out around Mark Center, Ohio.
I have a big surprise for tomorrow! If you’re at the beach between Long Beach and Huntington Beach between 1pm-3pm, or around deva’s in Tustin at 2:30pm, be sure to look up in the sky!

Thursday, September 25, 2003

What a long night last night! I went to the taping of the Game Show in L.A. It was definitely geared towards Mary Carey, and I understand why I wasn’t chosen for this particular show. I still don’t know why they picked some basketball player, Nate. Nice guy, but boring! I had trouble recalling his name just now, that’s just how unmemorable he was, and I watched him on stage for over 4 hours! Trek Kelly, Gary Coleman, the humble Mehr, and Brian (the college student,) were all good sports and entertaining. Mary of course was the most entertaining jumping up and down with her breasts popping out constantly. What did you expect? Oh well, the winner will be announced after the October 1st show, where everyone can log into to vote for one of the three finalists. I don’t want to give it away, there’s no fun in that. So you’ll have to watch the show. It’s an interesting show that highlights several of the candidates. They show clips of auditions of candidates not on the show. You will see me in the audience as well! You can go to:
Vote for me or your favorite candidate on the ballot! Anyone can vote on the Pretender or Contender Game. After the show we were starving, so Barry and me went to TGIFridays for a late dinner. A patron from deva’s was there and he was a little drunk (hard to believe it in a bar). Anyway, I gave him a T-shirt and some bumper stickers and he put on the shirt and started yelling Reva for Governor to what was left of the customers. That’s the second time I gave a drunk person campaign memorabilia. It’s funny how they react; maybe I’m on to something…………..
Barry is doing okay; he gets a lot of rest, wish I could say the same. It’s almost noon and he’s still sound asleep. That’s good for him; he will be healed from the surgery in no time. We went to the doctor yesterday morning and spent most of the time talking about the shooting that took place there in Baldwin Park last week. Apparently the Swat Team was evacuating everyone out of the hospital, including the people that were saving the life of the doctor who was shot! They had the Police, Sheriff, and Swat Team there and the 70 year old man that shot the doctor (after throwing a malitov- cocktail to start a fire,) had already drove off and shot himself at his restaurant. A few people I talked to were concerned that if this is how things are handled with a small incident (meaning one 70 year old man gone off the deep end,) what will we do in the case of a larger terrorist attack? Scary! Which just goes back to the whole illegal driver’s licenses. We need to tighten security, not loosen it up. I’m concerned, but I’m not going to live life in fear everyday. There are some things that we have to realize are out of our control. Back to Barry, the doctor said they weren’t absolutely sure yet, and were still running tests on the tissue from Barry’s knee and hip, as well as the bone marrow. Still waiting. On a positive note, the doctor did say he thought that the “hot spots” that showed up on Barry’s MRI might just be dead stuff (not the medical term, but you get the idea,) from the radiation he went through. Yeah! Let’s hope and pray that’s what it is!
I didn’t have a chance to write anything yesterday because I was figuring out the campaign disclosure Form 460. It was a little difficult because the timing of the election and all the Prop 34 rules. The Registrar of Voters, FPPC, and Secretary of State have all given me conflicting information. I even had the Registrar of Voters call the FPPC to try to straighten out exactly what I needed to do earlier in this campaign. The Registrar of Voters are so nice and helpful, unfortunately they have been given wrong information somehow. They actually told me yesterday to give them the original of my Form 460 due today that goes the Secretary of State. That would’ve got me in trouble! Wow, I never realized how much confusion there is when it comes to campaign disclosure. I know the major candidates have lawyers and accountants doing this for them. I realize now why so many of the “other candidates” were trying to stay below the $1,000.00 limit so that they wouldn’t have to be bothered by all of this. But then, what fun is that if you can’t promote yourself with signs, buttons, bumper stickers, and all the memorabilia from this historic recall?
Here's an interview that was just posted today............

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Have I mentioned how exhausted I am? I found out that my picture was in the New York Times today, as well as the L. A. Times! You can see the N.Y. Times article at:
You have to register first, but it is free. The actual picture in the physical paper is much larger and includes more of the candidates. My friend Mark Scaparro called me from Chicago tonight and told me he saw me on a few different news shows yesterday. I have no idea where! Tomorrow is the tapping of the “Who Wants to be Governor Game Show,” that should be interesting. I’ll definitely be in the audience! Well, off to sleep, Barry & me need to get up early to go to the doctors tomorrow. Hope it’s good news!
I almost forgot....if you have a chance, go to:

It's a neat website with all the candidates photo albums. Watch for me & Gary Coleman tomorrow!
I can’t find the bottom of my desk, there’s so much paperwork to do between deva’s and this campaign! At least the election will go as scheduled on October 7th-yeah! I’m so exhausted; it will be nice to finally take a break! The Game Show Network called and they want me to meet with the producers today or tomorrow from show called Lingo, hosted by Chuck Woolery. That sounds like fun! I’m waiting for them to call me back to arrange a time. All I know is that it’s a show where you have to figure out five-letter-words. I’m a wizard with word games, hope this works out! If I win any money it will be donated to my favorite charity. I need to find a good organization that deals with quality of life of cancer patients. I use to volunteer for The Cancer Society; I actually donated several cases of beer and helped out with a Fundraiser on a yacht in Newport several years ago to help raise money. I helped out with the “Relay for Life,” they had at Orange Coast College one year. That’s great that they can raise money to find a cure, but I want to actually help the people who have cancer now. I originally volunteered to drive patients to their treatments, but they said I’d be more useful raising money. When my Dad was in the hospital I went back to Ohio for three months to be with him and help him out in 1990. I went around decorating the cork boards in the hospital rooms to cheer up the patients, hospital rooms are so boring and patients need something to look at besides a blank wall. It cheered a lot of people up! I asked several hospitals out here after I came home if I could start a program such as this and I was told I couldn’t actually talk with or go into patient’s rooms unless I had cancer myself. What a weird rule! I sit in hospitals with my boyfriend all the time and they really do need more positive surroundings. Anyway, after I came back from Ohio that’s when I decided to go to Cypress College, I actually missed the first week of classes because I had to fly back to Ohio for my father’s funeral. My clothing business had to be shut down and my warehouse closed because of my prolonged absence. The clothing business was hard work but it was a chance to be creative since I painted on clothing, which I sold in the garment district in L.A. and to Judy’s Department stores. I don’t even know if those stores still exist.
Wow, I’m really all over the place this morning. I better get back to work!
I am just getting home from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. What an exciting day! Us “other candidates,” met in Johnny Carson Park prior to the taping of the show. I brought a cooler full of bottled water and some sodas; I knew everyone would be parched out there in the sun! It was so nice meeting everyone, most of the candidates were asking for autographs, what a good idea. I changed clothes in Barry’s truck in front of the park; I had to duck every time I saw a camera! It was so hot today that I knew standing in the park in a long-sleeved suit was a bad idea. Who wants to go on Leno all sweaty and frumpy? I did talk to Marey Carey today. I showed her the Recall Calendar: which she had no idea existed. She told me I was “Hot” and asked me if I was a candidate, all the while stuffing her face with a sandwich in both hands. Marey definitely got more attention than any other person present today! They picked 5 people out of the audience to go up on stage today before the actual show and I was one of them. We had to dance on the set when pointed to by one of the crew (forgot his name, but fun just the same!). I was just getting into my groove when I was cut short by the producer to make sure Marey got her chance. She started with the splits and then pulled her skirt up, guess she shocked all of the guests from Idaho! What a great experience! Even Cheryl and Iris were loosening up. Actually, Iris Adams had a terrific write up in the OC Register today, which I pointed out to her. Iris was in a different frame of mind today; it was nice to see the extremely serious candidates unwind for a change. I took a picture with Gary Coleman, he is so sweet! I think he is just happy to be back in the limelight. What a good guy though to be open to all pictures and interviews with everyone. I also talked to Paul Mariano again, along with his cameraman Kurt. They are two of the absolute funniest people I have met during this entire event. Paul is a trial Lawyer up north and has a wonderful dry sense of humor, which is amusing to watch as the other candidates fall for his little jokes. I had so much fun talking with the candidates today, what an experience! Brooke Adams was there and I had a chance to briefly speak with her. She is a pleasant person and we wished each other well. We just need to get the word out on the Recall Calendar! Channel 9 News had someone showing the calendar on the news tonight, hope that helps! I also watched Tech TV this evening, which aired a debate between a few candidates including the infamous “Bumhunter,” Todd Lewis. They showed a brief picture and profile on myself, not very flattering. But hey, when do I get a chance to sit in my own bar and make sure DirecTV is on three different stations at once to catch me on all the shows in one night? Well, I’ll write more tomorrow…………I’m soooooooo tired! Good Night!

Sunday, September 21, 2003

I just spent three hours at South Coast Plaza searching for a red suit. Forget it!
Apparently the new fall colors are purple, pink, and mauve! I did find the most adorable red suit from St. John’s Knit, at Nordstrom’s. It was gorgeous, with rhinestone hearts for buttons! The saleslady said I looked like the Queen of Hearts. I had to break it to her that I was actually the 7 of hearts on the Recall Deck of Cards. Of course then I had to explain I was running for Governor. Anyway, I couldn’t really afford it. Only $990.00 for the Jacket. The skirt was a mere $240.00. If it had fit properly I would have a huge credit card bill right now!
Jay Leno is tomorrow! This should be something! I always wanted to be on the show, guess this is as close as I’ll get. Barry is excited as well.
The Fundraiser went well yesterday. So many friends that I haven’t seen in years stopped by to wish me well. A fellow candidate, Paul Mariano, stopped by with his cameraman to do an interview for a documentary that he is producing. Paul is super guy from Northern California, and while he is against the Recall, he is entitles to his own opinion and I think what he is doing with this documentary is a great idea! Good Luck to Paul! We had a big BBQ, sold buttons, T-Shirts, gave away pens and stickers, and I autographed several of the Recall Calendars. The owner of the company that produced the calendars sent his parents to deva’s to deliver them to me. What a sweet couple! They sent one to Jay Leno so I hope he shows it tomorrow night. It’s really a nicely done calendar with all the major candidates. They will be in Barnes & Nobles soon. The Orange County Register called and said they would be by the purchase one today. Roy Rivenburg from the L. A. Times came by to get one. He may mention it in his column tomorrow in the calendar section. Who knows?
Well, I just got a message from my former acting teacher Mark Majarian, from Cypress College, so I’m going to give him a call. It’s good to catch up with people from your past! He was a good acting teacher; unfortunately I wasn’t a student who applied myself as fully as I should have when it came to acting classes! Mark actually made me come to classes for a week without any makeup, jewelry, perfume, or dressy clothes, or else he was going to kick me out of class. I used to wear high heels and a ton of jewelry everyday and he thought by removing my costume so to speak, that I would reveal who I really was underneath all the window dressing. Funny, isn’t that what I’m doing now with this blog?