Saturday, April 10, 2004

Wow, time is really flying this month! I hate to go so long without making an entry, but I have a crazy schedule. Camp Pendleton was pretty quite because most of the Marines just recently went over to Iraq to relieve the 82nd Airborne. I did find the cutest pink Marine tank top though. My friend left Monday morning for Iraq and won’t be back until August. I don’t know how they do it, I’m just glad they do.

I’m headed to Las Vegas today with Dee Dee, one of deva’s lovely bartenders. I’ll have to put up a picture of her on the website as soon as I get a chance. She just moved back from Missouri, she used to work at deva’s about 3 years ago. We went golfing last week at Aliso Creek off of PCH in Laguna Beach last week. It was freezing in the canyon! We went with my friend Randy; he is actually a pretty good golfer. Dee Dee & me met him about 5 years ago at the “Runnin’ Gunnin” golf tournament that they used to have to honor the last picked football player in the NFL draft. That was a fun tournament! You had the heckler hole where a group of people just yelled at you while you teed off. One hole they actually threw firecrackers on the green. At another hole you where target practice for several kids with water balloons. You can probably see why it’s canceled now. Anyway, after golf last week we went to Las Brisas and enjoyed the ocean out on their patio. We were entertained with locker room stories from Randy; he’s a sports columnist for the OC Register.

Wednesday Dee Dee, JJ, and myself all rented a limo and went shopping for bikinis down in Huntington Beach. Of course I can never find a suit that fits properly. We did find lots of cool stuff at a place called the Catwalk. After shopping we went back to deva’s for a while and then headed off to a car show by the circle in Orange. The Marines had this awesome Hummer; I don’t recall much else about the show. Then it was over to Paul’s cocktail lounge to play pool. Another great day!

Well, I better get packed and get to the airport!