Sunday, January 25, 2004

I just finished addressing all of the W-2’s and 1099’s to go out in the mail tomorrow. The fun never ends! I need to start figuring out what I’m going to do for our Super Bowl party this year. We will be having our 5th Annual Chili-Cook-Off during the game. It’s seems so weird to have Super Bowl Sunday in February.

I just finished another article about The Republican’s attempt to oust Boxer. I keep reading how Bill Jones is in the lead, especially after Arnold’s endorsement. At least one article from Saturday talked about how Jones didn’t have a chance and how Rosario Marin was our best bet. Well, one article is a start.

I’m trying to sell tickets to the Laker game on Wednesday night. They are the seats I had last time on the floor behind the Lakers bench. I really would love to go again but I’m too busyL I bought tickets for the Harlem Globetrotters as well, but that’s not until February 21st at The Pond. That should be a lot of fun; we’ll be in the front row. I used to watch them on TV with my father and brother all the time as a kid. I have no idea who any of the new players are. I remember Curly and Meadowlark Lemon the most.

Well, back to paperwork………………………..