Monday, July 18, 2005

I didn't think I could make it through last week. Two wedding receptions, a dart banquet, off to the doctors that can't figure out what's wrong with me, a trip to the hospital to visit a dear friend who just had surgery, and a funeral. That's leaving out all the legal stuff. Uhhhggg!

At the funeral I felt like it wasn't real. How could a friend you just shared a drink and a laugh with a few weeks ago be gone, just like that. The weirdest part was the fact that Larry H Parker made me cry. My friend Jim worked for him for 15 years. Larry told a story that just got the water works going. Not what I expected from the Attorney in the TV commercials that promises "to fight for you!" That followed by " Crying in the Chapel" by Elvis, just made it somehow okay as I looked in the back of the Chapel and saw all his friends standing there. The hardest part was shaking the hands of his devastated young children on the way out. It reminded me of how I felt at my own father's funeral. That's got to be the worst feeling I can relate to, losing your Dad. I'm glad I went there, I would want all my friends to show up at my send off. Only I think I would have everyone come to deva's and throw a big party to celebrate my life. Just play some Gypsy Kings and have a good time telling all the funny stories about me. That's the way to be remembered.