Saturday, November 29, 2003

I’m sitting here doing paperwork, paying bills, the usual. Tonight is different because I have “live” entertainment to accompany my work. There’s nothing quite like hearing” When the Saints Go Marching In,” performed by a Mariachi Band. My neighbors are currently having yet another birthday party. They invited us and the other neighbors so we wouldn’t call the police on them. What’s funny is, I really like Mariachi Bands. They remind me of being in Mexico. My favorite place in the world is Cancun at the Camino Real. Can’t wait to visit again someday! One of my neighbors told my boyfriend he had to go next door and talk to their other neighbors because, “they are white people.” What’s even more hilarious is that I was just singing “Perfidia” last night at deva’s during karaoke. For some reason I can sing in Spanish probably better than in English. I even had all the music for that wedding I had in my backyard that I mentioned way earlier in this blog. They couldn’t believe it when I pulled out Vicente Fernandez, and every Gypsy Kings CD that they’ve come out with. For some reason when they have a party, my neighbors like to throw things over the wall. The question is, how many chorizo’s, lemons, and plastic bottles will I have to pull out of the pool in the morning. There must be 40 people next door, there’s no parking out on the street, and by all the hollering and whistling; the tequila consumption must be on the rise!

I’m cooking turkey noodle stew with those “Grandma’s Noodles.” The house smells so good right now. It’s going to be cozy evening since Barry put up all the Christmas decorations, the tree, and I’ll be right in front of the fireplace watching a movie with a big bowl of stew. A perfect evening when the temperature drops. Now where are my comfy Victoria Secrets flannel PJ’s?

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Looks like they are repealing the illegal immigrant license law (SB60)! Whew! Arnold is following through on his promises so far.

The grocery strike is getting ridiculous. Now the teamsters quit deliveries from the distribution centers, right before Thanksgiving! I’m so glad I bought almost everything last Saturday. I have a lot of people to feed at deva’s; give me a break! There isn’t an alternative grocery store close by where I can purchase what I need. It’s so frustrating not being able to just stop by the store, my store, my Vons; right down the street. I refuse to go to those dirty, bag-it-yourself, and smelly alternatives. Trader Joes is great, but they don’t carry important items like junk food! Forget about Costco or Sam’s Club; I have a BMW. I can’t walk out of one of those stores without a truckload of stuff! It just pisses me off when I read or hear about the strikers yelling and cussing at people with children. There’s no excuse for that behavior! One of my patrons got so frustrated that he now makes several trips to Vons daily to purchase one item at a time. Yesterday he showed me a receipt for a bag of M&M’s. Another customer, “Recon Bob,” (everyone has a nickname at deva’s) was ready to get into a verbal confrontation with some strikers the other day. What stopped him was the fact an elderly couple in front of him stopped in front of the picket line, and the little old man pulled down his pants and mooned them! Now that’s funny!

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Wow, time is just flying by this time of the year, as always! Thursday night I went to a Chamber mixer of several City Chambers, at the Santa Ana Performing Arts & Event Center. What a lovely building with a mahogany staircase, wood floors, and ballrooms lit by crystal chandeliers. What a wonderful meeting place, just a bit difficult to get to and find parking. I talked to several people who asked what does a company called “deva’s” do? I just smiled and gave them my card and told them to stop by when you feel like hanging out in a “dive bar.” Of course the next question was, “What’s a dive bar?” I just explained it was a friendly little neighborhood bar with pool tables, dartboards, no food, and no windows. People all react so differently it amuses me. I think the “dive bar” thing is catching on and is becoming more popular. It’s no longer so taboo, it’s just plain fun!

Friday night was our fundraiser for the Tustin Area Republican Women Federated group. Rosario Marin was our guest speaker; she is always such an inspiration to listen to. She is so down to earth; I spoke with her briefly and took a picture with her. Rosario even autographed a few new twenties I had brought with me. I made sure they were new from the bank because I had heard there were fakes going around already. How embarrassing would that be to ask the former Treasurer to autograph a fake bill? Then I thought, if a treasurer signs a fake bill, does that make it legal? Anyway, I’m sure that doesn’t happen, but just the strange thoughts of a bar owner who constantly watches the mostly cash income closely for fakes. Back to Rosario, I hope she tramples Barbara Boxer in this upcoming election. I put the “Adios Boxer” bumper stickers all over the place at deva’s. I met a few people from Bill Campbell’s office that were really super, I look forward to seeing them again at future events. In fact I met one of our Federated members that recognized me from the mixer the night before and we hit it off well. It’s a small world, can I say that enough? I had a great time at the event; it was at the Tustin Ranch Golf Course. The food is always excellent there, especially the desserts! I can’t believe I’ve been to that golf course more times for meetings than to actually golf! I need to get out there; I haven’t golfed since deva’s tournament in September.

I’ve already purchased everything I need for Thanksgiving. I always cook a big turkey dinner to take to the bar for people that don’t have family to go to. I thought I might have to work since I won’t force my employees to work on a holiday, but JJ said she wants to work. We will have a good holiday at deva’s; I’ve got a huge smoked turkey to prepare-yummy! I’ve also started shopping for Christmas; I have all the decorations for the bar except for a tree. I’m doing red, white, and blue again this year with really neat flag inspired tree ornaments. Our troops need all the support we can give! Speaking of our Troops, I received an e-mail from Bart from the 82nd Airborne! They received at least one of my packages already, I can’t believe it! Here’s his e-mail:


It was such a pleasant surprise to receive the well wishes and great box you sent! My paratroopers and myself certainly do appreciate all the support and kind words. I followed the gubernatorial race with great pride and enthusiasm. You did well and though we do not get much news here, I know that you represented us all well.

I went online and checked out your nightclub, well done young lady! It looks like my kind of place; Lord knows I need a beer, whiskey, my Harley and some beautiful women (other than ones that are cover up with sheets and smell).

I am in Ar Ramadi Iraq. This is my second combat tour with the 82D Airborne. Before that I was in Korea for a year. So I have been home about six months in the past three years. It has been hard, but we are doing the right thing. I will forever remember the children and adults throwing flowers on our HMMWVs as we liberated each town, it was amazing and horrible all at once.

Take good care of yourself and each other. We will continue to take care of those that threaten our freedom. Keep the home fires burning, don't forget about us.


Live it Well,

Barton J. Rice
Captain, 82D Airborne Division
Ar Ramadi, Iraq

(AKA Bart, Shonda's little brother..6'4 220, not so little anymore, haha)