Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday night and I'm watching TV still recovering from surgery. I can't believe a week has gone by already! I must have watched over a dozen movies this week, several of them filmed in South Africa? The "Constant Gardener," and "Duma" were among my favorites. Except now I want a pet cheetah. Honestly, who can stand to watch any of the day time TV shows? Anyway, I started researching appendix on the internet and came across this extremely helpful site:

Check it out, it's funny!

Monday, November 27, 2006

I found out that having an appendix is unnecessary and potentially excruciatingly painful! I am home from the hospital after having an emergency appendectomy. Just the fun I had hoped for over the Thanksgiving weekend. A nice turkey dinner with friends, a little Texas Hold'em, and a 4am wake up call the next morning from what feels like a knife in your stomach! I did get to ride in an ambulance for the first time, the EMT's were kind of cute. All day in the ER was not a day I wish on anyone. Everything looked fine after several tests and the doctor left it up to me if I wanted to do a CT Scan. A few banana milk shakes later ( minus what I immediately returned to them via the little pink trays,) I was off for a scan of my insides. I was sure they would spot some sort of alien trying to dig it's way out of my stomach. Another couple of hours went by when a doctor dressed in a nice suit showed up and asked me to point with one finger to where it hurt. A few pokes later and I was on my way to surgery. Next thing I knew I was in recovery looking at a lovely picture of a balloon-like object that was about to become organ confetti had they waited much longer. Guess I'm lucky! That would've required at least a couple weeks in the hospital provided I didn't die.
The "lucky" feeling did start to wear off when the hospital called today and demanded a payment of $1,000 towards the so-far bill of $34,000. Maybe I should've turned down that one vicodin pill at 5am, I should really start cutting out unnecessary items. Oh, wait....... that's exactly what I did:)