Wednesday, May 12, 2004

You have to read Randy Youngman's column today on page 2 of the Sports section in the OC Register. deva's is actually mentioned along with the fact we carded Sergei Fedorov because we had no idea who he was:§ion=SPORTS

Hey,I know baseball and basketball. I've only been to one hockey game and that was the Stanley Cup Finals!

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I helped register voters on Sunday at the OC swapmeet with "Reggie the Registration Rig." What an impressive set up! If you have a chance to visit Reggie, you really should. There's a giant board you can sign showing your support for Bush that will make it's way back to the White House. It's also a lot of fun to volunteer. Get out there and be a Team Leader! I met Mario Rodriguez there who is the Vice-Chairman of the California Republican Party. It was a funny because I had just met and talked with Duf Sundheim, the Chairman of the CRP in Sacramento. It's nice to put faces with names and meet all these terrific Republicans!
I just wanted to share a couple of letters written to the President in support of Donald Rumsfeld:

Mr. President,

Sir, I'm a retired Marine working in Baghdad..with (KBR) for the past 17 months. Sir, I have seen a lot and the good overwhelms the bad. I would like to thank you and your truly professional staff. Thank you for the guidance and support. I honor you...standing shoulder to shoulder with Mr. Rumsfeld... a true American! Sir, I support the retention of Mr. Rumsfeld in his arduous job..Mr. President to you and the American people.

Proud American

Mike Cahill
Freedom Rest
Green Zone
Baghdad Iraq

Mr President,

Why do a few "bad apples" always have to ruin things
for everyone else?
I understand the gravity of the treatment of the Iraqi pow's is
a serious issue but I am also reminded of the treatment of
American pow's in other wars.
War has never been a civil or humane response to end conflicts between nations.
No nation has never gotten it right.
Mr. Rumsfeld, in my opinion is not at fault.
As Americans and human beings, we all share the responsibilities
of a few "bad apples".

Please don't fire Mr Rumsfeld!

Thank you,

Dino Bica

Send your own e-mails to :

Monday, May 10, 2004

What a Monday! It was a usual hectic Monday at work today. A funny thing happened though. A handsome guy came into deva's today with a very attractive Swedish girl. They hung out for awhile, playing the jukebox, just having a good time. Turns out it was Sergei Fedorov! I did go out in the parking lot and ask for his autograph when he was leaving. I didn't want to bother them while they were relaxing. What a nice guy, extremely pleasant and down to earth. Well, time for dinner...........