Wednesday, November 03, 2004

What an election day yesterday! Early in the day I had friends calling me worried after they heard the exit polling results. I knew common sense would prevail and we would vote for the man who will stand up for America! My home state of Ohio came through......... finally!

I went to the Tustin Brewing Company to celebrate with Lou Bone & Jerry Amante who will both be representing Tustin on the City Council. Then off to the Sutton Place Hotel for the big party here in Orange County. Van Tran is now the first Vietnamese Assemblyman, he was having a nice victory celebration. Bill Jones did win in OC, but Boxer with all her millions just couldn't be stopped. She ran so many commercials painting herself as such a caring person concerned with protecting a woman's right to choose and helping seniors with their prescription drugs. How touching. The thing is, it actually worked. I was so hoping we could get the word out for Bill Jones outside of OC. Alexandria Coronado unfortunately couldn't catch Loretta Sanchez:( Sanchez would've lost if she had actually debated Alex in public. Guess she knew how to hold onto her seat.............just shut her mouth and send out mailers which made her look like a strong supporter of our Military. That's funny considering she voted against honoring them and was getting friendly with Cuba to help our farmers. Last time I looked there weren't many farmers in this district unless you count my neighbors growing corn in their front yard. Politics; too bad the best candidates don't always win. Alex did an outstanding job campaigning, I'm sure next time she'll do it!
Four More Years!!!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I just voted about an hour ago. Surprisingly there were no lines at the High School and it only took about 5 minutes. Too many parties tonight! We have to celebrate a Bush/Cheney victory!

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