Saturday, November 11, 2006

Here we go again.............. I picked the football games again this week in place of Randy. He gave up after getting beat by my intricate, complicated, well-thought-out process whereby I choose winners based on color and mascot. Well, at least this week.

Had a great time last night celebrating with all the Marines! Semper Fi!

Happy Veteran's Day!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Birthday USMC!

Monday, November 06, 2006

I actually won the football picks against Randy in the OC Register, or so I was told by a customer of mine today. The Lions even won:) I did a lot of research on that pick. ( I like cats.)

I was wondering why I hadn't received my mail today when I got home after 4pm. It's not a holiday, the mailman didn't skip my house, gee........... why the delay? Well, I just went out to check the mailbox and I should've known. It's the big Election tomorrow! I already voted absentee last week but that doesn't stop the influx of last minute slate, smear, irritating voter guides. I received 45 campaign mailers just today! 45! Please! I also received one very nice, precise, clear flyer from a gentleman running for City Council, George M. Collins. It stated on the flyer that he would not be adding to the mess created in our landfills by all the political propaganda mailers and yard signs. I did get a chance to hear him speak at a meeting last week and was impressed by his intelligence and abundance of common sense so lacking in the other politicians. The fact he's not sending out mailers or using yard signs leads me to believe that besides wanting to save the environment, he also has no money. Too bad, seems like a good guy.
Check out his website:

Unfortunately I haven't been able to help out with this election like I had planned. I'm still trying to recover from the car accident 2 years ago. There's good days and bad days. I did have a great couple of months this summer though! ) I still need to get those pictures uploaded before the year is over.) Anyway, let's just hope for the best tomorrow. That is, let's hope the Democrats stay home and the pissed off Republicans realize that they don't need to make grudge votes!

Well, back to work. I cannot turn on the TV right now with the ad blitz. One more commercial with Cruz Bostonian's saying how fat he used to be and I'll scream! What does being fat have to do with being the Insurance Commissioner? Go back to being a butcher Cruz!