Friday, March 05, 2004

I think that overall the Election went well. At least the people were smart enough to see through Prop 56. The electronic voting machines had fewer problems than I thought they would. Some people pushed “Cast Ballot” instead of “Enter” after the first question and that meant they were done after that point. Oh, and the Democrats are stuck with John Kerry-hehehe! I’m sure they are thrilled to have a candidate they know little about except that he is as far left as Boxer.

The meeting yesterday went well. Both speakers were very informative. Dr. Barbara Stone was hilarious! I really enjoy listening to her; the students are lucky to have her at Cal State Fullerton.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I am sad that Rosario Marin didn’t win. She gave it a good try and I think she did an excellent job for her first run for office. Now it’s time to get behind Bill Jones. It’s going to be a battle to beat Boxer.

I had such a great time last night at the Election Party for the Republican Party of Orange County. I met so many wonderful people there. I spoke with Congressman Ed Royce to start with. He actually asked me if I was November on the Recall calendar. I made sure to point out that I am 2004 November, not last year’s November! I don’t need to be confused with Mary again. I had the pleasure of meeting Tom Fuentes, Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County. I spoke briefly with a very energetic Chuck DeVore and his lovely wife, Diane. There’s nothing like winning! Chuck’s energy was amazing; he will defiantly be going places! He will be representing the 70th District in the State Assembly. I’m so happy for Dr. Alexandria Coronado; she was winning the 47th District to challenge Loretta Sanchez. I should’ve mentioned her earlier; I can’t believe I left her out. I heard her speak at a luncheon and had the honor of meeting her last year. I hope she can get the word out to defeat Sanchez!

I think the biggest surprise of the night was when I just happened to be standing directly in front of the podium and Pete Wilson and his wife walked up on stage. He introduced Bill Jones and his family. I liked what Bill Jones had to say. Let’s hope California does too!

I almost forgot.......... Assemblyman Todd Spitzer was the charming host of the party. I didn’t manage to talk to him, as he was extremely busy. He’s defiantly the hottest looking Assemblyman! He, of course, has a very pretty wife.

Patricia Burnes, the President of OCFRW was there along with several of us Federated Women. I’m attending the meeting and luncheon tomorrow for the OCFRW, where the Honorable Bill Campbell, Orange County Board of Supervisors, Third District, will be a guest speaker. Dr. Barbara Stone will be the keynote speaker. She is great! If you ever get a chance to hear her speak-do it! I just love what she has to say; she is so funny as well. She is a Professor of Political Science and Member of the Executive Committee of the State Republican Party. Should be interesting!

I’m off to deva’s to get some work done.

Yeah! 57 & 58 passed!

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Okay, today is the big day! I’ve been so busy this weekend with paperwork and payroll. Make sure you all get out there and vote! No, No, Yes, Yes! And vote for Rosario Marin for Senate! (She’s the one who signed your money-take a look.)

I can’t believe I actually watched my friend Michael Washington marry the love of his life, Valerie. I watched the ceremony “live” on the Internet on Saturday! The Internet is a wonderful thing. (I’ll have to thank Al Gore when I see him.)

Well, I’m off to the polls!