Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Last month was a great Birthday month! The Summer of '06 is rockin'! Let me go back and play catch up while I have a few minutes. Had a fun party at the bar for me & Christi's birthday, pictures to follow!
I went sailing out of Dana Point a few days later which was awesome! We gaffed a TV floating in the middle of the ocean. I think someone was upset over the World Cup Soccer game, there was a big crack in the side. Too funny! Then we cruised through Newport Harbor and had pizza delivered to the boat. We were really hungry! That was so sweet of those boys in the Duffy boat to go get us food:) Of course the Harbor Patrol got a call when we decided to go swimming. How did I know you're not suppossed to jump off your boat in the Harbor? In our defense, it was really hot and someone could've gotten heat stroke. Anyway, the Patrol only drove by smiling after we were already back in safely. Ahh.............. saling is fun! Oh yeah, and then we drank Almond Champagne out on the open sea where we actually used the sails. I made sure no one threw the bottles in the ocean............. you're not suppossed to do that without a note in them, right?
The next day it was OC Fair day! I have so many pics I need to upload. The TANGO is the best ride ever! We went on it at least 10 times! Fun!

More to follow.................