Saturday, February 26, 2005

My neighbor took this picture out in the desert on the way to Vegas.  Posted by Hello
I halted construction on my ark, at least for now. It's actually not raining today.....yet. So this little shower is quickly turning into what could be a record breaking wet year. Terrific. I feel like I'm in Ohio again, always raining and depressing. At least in Ohio it snows and that's a lot more fun than this. Okay I know it snows in the mountains here but that's one place I don't venture. It's cold there, I hate skiing, it's cold, did I mention it's cold? I'll enjoy the snow by looking at it covering the mountains on the clear days from here ........thankyou. My cat isn't happy about it either. He likes to yell at me as if I could turn off the rain or something. Yeah, I'm conspiring against him so he has to use the indoor litter box that I have to clean. Whoever said cats were so smart? I especially like it when he comes in soaking wet and jumps on me when I'm sleeping to cuddle cute. The only time that was funny was when he tried drinking water out of the pool and fell in. He then came crying to me and jumped up to give me a big hug in the middle of the night. Now he drinks out of the toliet. Well, he did until I put that blue stuff in there. My other cat only drinks Sparkletts, go figure. Oh, and that one's a girl:)