Tuesday, September 27, 2005

There's just not enough hours in the day. I know, an understatement. I think I've run out of space on my calendar it's so full. The fact I have to keep bartending ( babysitting) because no one seems to want to work anymore doesn't help. So I gimp around the bar all day being entertained by the patrons. Mostly it's a lot of me yelling at people to pay their tabs. My customers have figured out a great way to obtain credit; run a a tab and then run out the back door when the bartender isn't looking. Sure, they pay the next time they come in........... sometimes. Welcome to the Bank of Deva. I should be there right now but I'm just too tired to drag myself over to the bar after getting out of bed at the crack of noon. The no sleeping cuz my back is killing me thing gets old, at least I may have caught up on a few hours this morning. Anyway, the Health Department is coming today to check on my "Food Handler's Certificate" to make sure I know to put the raw chicken on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, while the salad goes on the top to prevent cross contamination and thereby avoiding serious outbreaks of salmonella bacteria. Which is great knowledge to have when you're prohibited by the same Health Dept from serving any food. They even made me take out the popcorn machine several months ago. that's regulation for you! The only really handy information I received from attending the 4 hour class followed by an 80 question exam ( I did score a 96 percent:), is that you should drink the sake when you eat sushi because the alcohol will kill any worms that the restaurant may have not removed from certain types of seafood resulting in Anisakis. Nice to know, personally I rather just drink the sake and avoid any raw sea creatures at all costs. Give me a some steak and potatoes. Which by the way if it's a rare roast it needs to be cooked at a minimum internal temperature of 130 degrees and held at a minimum of 121 minutes at that internal cooking temperature. Terrific, my head is filled with more useless knowledge.