Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I finally put up a few New Year's Eve pictures. I would've had more but my camera lost it's charge before I could catch people doing embarrassing New Year's antics.

My car is still in the shop. I went to pick it up last Saturday after they assured me they tested and re-tested the top and there were absolutely no leaks. Then they left my car out in the rain all night. Good call! It was soaking wet inside again. So the manager told me to keep the rental car and she would call my insurance company. Gee.................. It's only been 5 months now. I gave up and went straight to Fletcher Jones to test drive a new car. I figured not too many people would be out in the pouring rain looking for a convertible. I forgot it's Newport Beach. Still, it wasn't that busy. I ended up driving a SLK 55 AMG. Nevermind the fact that this car is a rocket, I felt like I was in some sort of James Bond vehicle. It would take weeks to learn how everything worked inside. I thought I didn't like SLK's, the old style looks like someone kicked it in the ass. However, the automatic sensor on the windshield wiper, the automatic down shifting when you take your foot off the brakes, and the beautiful Diamond Silver colour made it very likeable. I was tempted by hot chocolate to enter into the little cubicle where the salesman utters those scary words, " Do you want to throw some numbers around and see what we come up with?" The next thing I knew I had a great credit score and for the small amount of, let's say.......... a home mortgage, I could drive away in this rare Mercedes. I thought about it.......... for all of 10 seconds before reality kicked in. I politely declined and that's when they sent in the "closer." Apparently the "closer/manager" didn't realize that I wasn't seeking a vehicle inspired by Formula 1 racing cars with bi-xenon headlamps, the 7 G-Tronic seven-speed auto transmission and AIRSCARF( A little fan that blows hot air on your neck when it's cold- how could you survive without that?). Of course it has a 265-kw/360hp output and 510 Newton metres of torque, but I just wanted something that looked "cute."
Next I went to Crevier BMW where I acquired my poor baby that sits in the rain and has a pending terminal prognoses. You have to valet your vehicle there just to walk on the lot, they were that busy! Apparently BMW's are flying off the lot faster than they can remove them from the containers down at the port. I would have to put my name on the particular 330 M3 that I had decided on that may find it's way to Santa Ana sometime next week.
So one last dealership I ventured to for the weekend. There it was in the showroom................ The perfect used SL 500 that wouldn't require a second mortgage, my first born, and several years without a vacation. No instant depreciation while driving it off the lot. A certified pre-owned extended warranty. And finally, a car that's not squishy inside. Now I can rest once again. I'll post a picture of my new baby as soon as it stops raining!

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