Friday, April 07, 2006

Last night I attended a fundraising event for Rosie Avila at he Disneyland Paradise Pier Hotel with "deva" bartender, Christi. We heard from several OC Supervisors in support of her campaign, along with MC, Tim Whitacre. Rosie is running for Congress against that Sanchez person in the 47th District. My district, where I am repeatedly forced to open those hideous Christmas cards from Loretta and her cat every year. Good to know a Congress person has that much free time to do a photo shoot with her pet. There is another Republican, Tan Nguyen, that used to be a Democrat running for Congress in the 47th as well. I'm not sure if his affiliation changed due to a dramatic increase in his IQ or because we have a large number of Vietnamese Republican voters? I received a mailer from his campaign that includes pictures of people stealing his signs along with their license plates asking people to call 911 to report them. Maybe it's just me, but is that really legal? We need to support Rosie and get rid of Loretta!

Hey, I even got a mention in the "Orange Juice" political blog: