Saturday, January 13, 2007

Happy New Year!

This blog entry is for the people ( Terry) that are complaining I haven't updated recently. Basically someone is complaining that I'm not complaining enough. Perfect!
What can I say? I found out the $34k for my surgery is now $35k and that's just a "facility fee" which doesn't begin to cover any of the surgery or Doctors. Lovely. The ambulance ride turned out to be $747. I was driven about a mile. Insurance pays $250 maximum. I'm realizing that my insurance sucks. It would probably be cheaper if I had no insurance and just paid the "cash" rate. If I didn't have a job, a home, citizenship, responsibility...................... I guess then it would be free. Something just isn't adding up. Gee, I wonder if the ArnoldCare will fix all these problems? Oh, wait, I'm an employer that will have to fire people to keep my employee count to under 10 to avoid paying 4% of my recently minimum-wage-increased payroll so that everyone will have healthcare. Meanwhile, I'll be working more hours to pay 20-50% of a bloated hospital bill because of a useless organ! I would really like to have a talk with the salesman that sold me my insurance 8 years ago. At almost $500 a month for coverage I should not have to pay the price of a small vehicle for a one night stay in the hospital! Well, at least I am alive and well. I can't afford to dead yet:)