Saturday, May 28, 2005

Okay, on the broken hand deal, here's my unofficial statement:

"I had a short conversation with a long winded liberal!"
(Come on, it sounds better than smashing my hand in a car door.)

I received an interesting e-mail from a school teacher that I corresponded with during the recall campaign. It's somewhere back in the archives, his class actually read my blog and one of his students did a report on me. Anyway, he's obviously an outstanding teacher with some pretty amazing students. They have been working on getting the "Mississippi Burning" murder investigation reopened. You can see their progress one the following website:

I'm pretty impressed with Mr. Bradford and his students. I don't have a complete understanding of what happened, but I guess I'll learn from them.

I went to the Angels game against the White Sox Thursday night to see if they remembered how to hit the ball. It was a good game, too bad I had to leave the stadium to watch the end of it. I may be a little spoiled with the Diamond Club seats, but left field is definitely not happening in my future attendance. It started out okay, made it in time for the national anthem........ one of the best parts of the game. Nevermind the fact that only about 20% of the fans were there 10 minutes before the game. Hey, it's California, where getting to the game slightly before the 4th inning is the norm. The trio behind us could've been the cast from Will & Grace, "Oh my God, I just totally got a free beer cuz I chugged it cuz there was a hole in the bottom of the cup and the bartender lady said if I drank it real fast I totally wouldn't have to pay for it! Goodie, it's like I'm so lucky!" He said while primping and then commenting on the nice tight pants the players were wearing heading back into the bullpen. Don't get me wrong, I like Will & Grace, just don't want to listen to them at the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California of the Western Hemisphere. Then it was time for playing dodge ball with a broken hand. Try watching the the tiny little ant like figures play ball while 99Cent store beach balls are coming at you from every corner. I saw a 6 year old take out at least 2 full beers with one serve. Try eating nachos (of course with a pound of jalepenos,) with one hand, drinking a perfume smelling thimble glass of the best box wine available with a generous 2 ice cubes, dodging balls, taking pictures of some die hard, 45 year old Chicago fan wearing a White Sox belt buckle who's carrying a 50th Anniversary Disney tote with his diposable fuji who practically cried when a Sox struck out( he was making me want to become chatty with the Will & Grace cast,) having to stand up every 2 minutes because now the other 16 people in our row have decided to show up and we're on the end seats, some 16 year old is trying to swagger up the stairs completely drunk out of her skull, and watching a ball game! We left and watched the end at a sports bar.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wow, I really lapsed this time. Time flies when you're busy being a Republican in the most Republican County in the Country:)

Last week I went to the Grand Opening of our new OC Republican Headquarters over by the Anaheim Pond of Anaheim, OC, southern California(it's no where near LA, but it's right next to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Any questions? Anyway, Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas was the guest speaker. At least what's left of him, apparently he has lost a lot of that "gravy" weight they put on in that part of our Country. Very likeable guy. At least I was able to stay for that speaker, sorry to miss Governor Pataki at the Summit earlier this spring.

I went to another Angels game a few weeks ago to watch the Indians pound the crap out of us. Third row behind home plate would've been a nicer place to sit if we had won. There were even fans left at the end of the game, and we lost 9-3. I remember years ago when the stadium would be half empty by then. I guess winning the World Series in 02 helped OC stay in the spirit.

As for my health.......... not much change in the back. I have another MRI tomorrow. Lovely. Oh, and I broke my right hand. Caught in a car door, ouch! Well, not the whole hand, but enough that I'm a lefty for at least 6 weeks. Figures. At least I'm getting more coordinated with my left. I'm practicing right now, so forgive my errors. I got a cool cast that's water-proof. That may have been a bad idea. I drove through tar leaving the Registrar of Voters (it's in such a lovely area) so I ended up washing my car. Then a nice neighbor ( not the one who threw razor blades in my pool,) came over and loaned me some kind of "magic clay" for my car. So of course I ended up basically detailing it, I'll pay tomorrow. At least I got a good tan:)