Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday night and I'm watching TV still recovering from surgery. I can't believe a week has gone by already! I must have watched over a dozen movies this week, several of them filmed in South Africa? The "Constant Gardener," and "Duma" were among my favorites. Except now I want a pet cheetah. Honestly, who can stand to watch any of the day time TV shows? Anyway, I started researching appendix on the internet and came across this extremely helpful site:

Check it out, it's funny!

Monday, November 27, 2006

I found out that having an appendix is unnecessary and potentially excruciatingly painful! I am home from the hospital after having an emergency appendectomy. Just the fun I had hoped for over the Thanksgiving weekend. A nice turkey dinner with friends, a little Texas Hold'em, and a 4am wake up call the next morning from what feels like a knife in your stomach! I did get to ride in an ambulance for the first time, the EMT's were kind of cute. All day in the ER was not a day I wish on anyone. Everything looked fine after several tests and the doctor left it up to me if I wanted to do a CT Scan. A few banana milk shakes later ( minus what I immediately returned to them via the little pink trays,) I was off for a scan of my insides. I was sure they would spot some sort of alien trying to dig it's way out of my stomach. Another couple of hours went by when a doctor dressed in a nice suit showed up and asked me to point with one finger to where it hurt. A few pokes later and I was on my way to surgery. Next thing I knew I was in recovery looking at a lovely picture of a balloon-like object that was about to become organ confetti had they waited much longer. Guess I'm lucky! That would've required at least a couple weeks in the hospital provided I didn't die.
The "lucky" feeling did start to wear off when the hospital called today and demanded a payment of $1,000 towards the so-far bill of $34,000. Maybe I should've turned down that one vicodin pill at 5am, I should really start cutting out unnecessary items. Oh, wait....... that's exactly what I did:)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Here we go again.............. I picked the football games again this week in place of Randy. He gave up after getting beat by my intricate, complicated, well-thought-out process whereby I choose winners based on color and mascot. Well, at least this week.

Had a great time last night celebrating with all the Marines! Semper Fi!

Happy Veteran's Day!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Birthday USMC!

Monday, November 06, 2006

I actually won the football picks against Randy in the OC Register, or so I was told by a customer of mine today. The Lions even won:) I did a lot of research on that pick. ( I like cats.)

I was wondering why I hadn't received my mail today when I got home after 4pm. It's not a holiday, the mailman didn't skip my house, gee........... why the delay? Well, I just went out to check the mailbox and I should've known. It's the big Election tomorrow! I already voted absentee last week but that doesn't stop the influx of last minute slate, smear, irritating voter guides. I received 45 campaign mailers just today! 45! Please! I also received one very nice, precise, clear flyer from a gentleman running for City Council, George M. Collins. It stated on the flyer that he would not be adding to the mess created in our landfills by all the political propaganda mailers and yard signs. I did get a chance to hear him speak at a meeting last week and was impressed by his intelligence and abundance of common sense so lacking in the other politicians. The fact he's not sending out mailers or using yard signs leads me to believe that besides wanting to save the environment, he also has no money. Too bad, seems like a good guy.
Check out his website:

Unfortunately I haven't been able to help out with this election like I had planned. I'm still trying to recover from the car accident 2 years ago. There's good days and bad days. I did have a great couple of months this summer though! ) I still need to get those pictures uploaded before the year is over.) Anyway, let's just hope for the best tomorrow. That is, let's hope the Democrats stay home and the pissed off Republicans realize that they don't need to make grudge votes!

Well, back to work. I cannot turn on the TV right now with the ad blitz. One more commercial with Cruz Bostonian's saying how fat he used to be and I'll scream! What does being fat have to do with being the Insurance Commissioner? Go back to being a butcher Cruz!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

My "diehard" Angels pic that wasn't included in Randy Youngman's article:)
Okay, I am no expert on football and here's proof in today's Orange County Register:

How else was I going to make it into the sports section?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm sad today. I had to put my cat to sleep yesterday evening. I had my guy for almost 16 years. It's such a difficult thing to do, but I didn't want him suffering any longer. He had some form of cancer that prevented him from absorbing nutrients from his food. He turned his nose up at the sirloin steak and chicken and opted for Friskies as his last meal. It's so hard to lose a pet that's so loved. It was almost exactly a year ago that his companion met with the same fate. She was 18 years old. At least they lived a long life and kept me company all those years. Just another reminder that time everything changes with time and we only get so much. Make it count.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Last month was a great Birthday month! The Summer of '06 is rockin'! Let me go back and play catch up while I have a few minutes. Had a fun party at the bar for me & Christi's birthday, pictures to follow!
I went sailing out of Dana Point a few days later which was awesome! We gaffed a TV floating in the middle of the ocean. I think someone was upset over the World Cup Soccer game, there was a big crack in the side. Too funny! Then we cruised through Newport Harbor and had pizza delivered to the boat. We were really hungry! That was so sweet of those boys in the Duffy boat to go get us food:) Of course the Harbor Patrol got a call when we decided to go swimming. How did I know you're not suppossed to jump off your boat in the Harbor? In our defense, it was really hot and someone could've gotten heat stroke. Anyway, the Patrol only drove by smiling after we were already back in safely. Ahh.............. saling is fun! Oh yeah, and then we drank Almond Champagne out on the open sea where we actually used the sails. I made sure no one threw the bottles in the ocean............. you're not suppossed to do that without a note in them, right?
The next day it was OC Fair day! I have so many pics I need to upload. The TANGO is the best ride ever! We went on it at least 10 times! Fun!

More to follow.................

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Today is my 10th Anniversary........................ of my 29th Birthday! I can't believe I'm this old! I refuse to grow up anyway, so it'll be okay. Next year though I may have issues:) It's a perfect day so far. I washed my car for a few hours, layed out by the pool, and my phone just caught up with me. It apparently wanted to stay in Georgia without me. Try going a couple of days without one......... not good. I had to borrow phones from complete strangers in Atlanta, only to realize I don't have anyone's number memorized. I won't be lettin' that phone out of my sight! I don't think I even layed eyes on a pay phone, do they even still have them at the airport? I did get home just in time to avoid the power outage which caused all the planes to be grounded yesterday. Planes weren't allowed to land for hours, I got lucky there. Arnold wants us to conserve energy by turning down our air conditioning to 78. I don't even have air conditioning! It's hot, so I'll just go jump in the pool!

Monday, July 17, 2006

It's been a long time since I've seen a good thunderstorm, and last night that's just what we got here in Georgia. They needed it though, everyone's lawns are dying. They're on restriction here right now and can't water or they can get cited and/or their water services cut off. Wow, and thought California was bad. Then again, where I live we don't do left turns through people's yards, leave the house unlocked and deliver beers to our buddies boats via golf cart down on the river. Oh, and they have "go" cups here! The things we give up to be in SoCal:)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm down here in Georgia on vacation and it is beautiful! It's like a step back in time, no worries, no stress, just relaxing. I've been told it's "God's Country." I'll upload some pics and you be the judge.

Now I gotta git back to doin' not much of nothin'!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Get out there and VOTE today!

Helpful local tips for June 6th Primary:

Vote for BILL HUNT Orange County Sheriff

Vote for ROSEMARIE "ROSIE" AVILA U.S. Congress 47th District (NO More Loretta!!)

Vote for MICHELLE STEEL State Board of Equalization 3rd District

Vote for NANCY PADBERG Superior Court Judge Office No. 4

Vote for REVA RENEE RENZ* Republican Central Committee Member 69th Assembly District
(I'm actually first on the ballot........... yeah!)

NO on 81
NO on 82 We don't need the "Meathead Tax"

YES on Measure "A"!

* Candidate personally known to me that is highly qualified:) She also appears on at least two different Voting Guides in the local area.

Now, go vote!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Monday was such a nice day despite the protests. I actually drove to work without hitting any traffic! It was business as usual at deva's. The only difference being that no one was in a bad mood because of the freeways. Maybe that's not a good thing, they may have drank less?

Well, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo and I have the nachos & cheese ready. It's also International "No Pants Day!" Maybe that holiday was invented by all the tequila & Corona's consumed becasue of the other holiday? Party at deva's!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Last night I attended a fundraising event for Rosie Avila at he Disneyland Paradise Pier Hotel with "deva" bartender, Christi. We heard from several OC Supervisors in support of her campaign, along with MC, Tim Whitacre. Rosie is running for Congress against that Sanchez person in the 47th District. My district, where I am repeatedly forced to open those hideous Christmas cards from Loretta and her cat every year. Good to know a Congress person has that much free time to do a photo shoot with her pet. There is another Republican, Tan Nguyen, that used to be a Democrat running for Congress in the 47th as well. I'm not sure if his affiliation changed due to a dramatic increase in his IQ or because we have a large number of Vietnamese Republican voters? I received a mailer from his campaign that includes pictures of people stealing his signs along with their license plates asking people to call 911 to report them. Maybe it's just me, but is that really legal? We need to support Rosie and get rid of Loretta!

Hey, I even got a mention in the "Orange Juice" political blog:

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I have neglected this blog for way too long now. I am definitely in need of some serious venting.

First of all I will report that I am running for a position that I could actually win..... Yeah! I am on the June 6th, 2006 ballot running for Republican Central Committee in the 69th Assembly District. A little too much Cherry Pie at Antenellos after the Central committee meeting in February and there I was signing up to run again. Okay, so it's not exactly the same. There's no campaign fundraising, no piles of paperwork, no much of anything . So it's completely not the same as running for Governor. Baby steps. I'll be at the end of the ballot, among a list of candidates with the instructions directing the voters to " vote for no more than six." Of course there are only seven of us, it's going to be an uphill battle:) Really, it mostly depends on where your name appears on the list. Well, at least I get to vote for "me" one more time. The way Arnold's handling things lately I am glad I voted for myself in that race. A lot of people I told to vote for him are regretting it now. I don't think the alternatives are even close, so Arnold it is hopefully for a few more years until someone like Tom McClintock can step in and win. Here's an article regarding his opponets, Tweedledee & Tweedledum as the author describes them:

Closer to home, there's an extremely important race heating up. All the rumors, backstabbing, and dealing going on. Who told me politics are boring? They haven't a clue! I'm talking about the Orange County sheriff's race. The Central committee meeting I went to in January of this year was full of energy as the primary campaigns were in full force. Lt. Bill Hunt was in attendance, a heck of a nice guy in my opinion. I have no personal opinion of Sheriff Corona because while I've heard him speak on several occasions, I never have actually talked with him face to face. One of his faithful followers was ripping up Bill Hunt's bumper stickers while I was trying to collect any that were left on the tables ( it's funny to see "big time" political people acting like little bratty kids). I've spoken to Bill several times, even met his wife, Debbie. They are such nice, down to earth people. I think Bill Hunt would make a great Sheriff for Orange County. That's my well- sought- after opinion, but Corona does have some major issues being played out in the newspapers. Everyday it's something different, this guy is taking a beating in the press. Corona lost the GOP endorsement at the last Central committee meeting on Monday night by one vote. I didn't go because I was feeling under the weather plus the meeting was mysteriously absent from the OCGOP events calendar?? I'm just an alternate at this point so I couldn't have voted anyway. It did sound like an interesting evening though.
Check out Lt. Bill Hunt's website:

Friday, March 17, 2006

I finally finished my taxes, located the bottom of the top of my desk, and I am starting to catch up! I'll be back venting on a regular basis soon, I know many people miss my constant whining:)

Now, I better go figure out if the 25lbs of corned beef I'm learning to cook is ready or not for the big night of corned beef tacos and green beer.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I woke up this morning to find that someone stuck some type of razor blade in my car's tire and broke it off. If the person that is responsible for this is reading my blog........ thanks so much. I guess just sticking the screws in my tires last month wasn't exciting enough for you. At least the nice people from Fletcher Jones came out and put a spare on for me. Gee........ I wonder who could be doing this? How weak.

On a positive note, I've just been sworn in as an alternate on the Republican Central Committee:) Senator Dick Ackerman did the swearing in. It's going to be an interesting election year. Orange County Treasurer & Tax Collector, John Moorlach was there in his usual jovial mood. He does have a great sense of humor. I guess you'd have to with your name on that oh-so-welcomed envelope that finds it's way into your mailbox once a year covered with deadlines and late fee charts. I'm surprised that the number of people paying early this year is up, while people paying late is as well?? I think the reason may be in the fact that if you can afford to live here it's a little easier to get that bill off your desk and be done with it, versus all those people that bought way above their means and are now trying to figure out where to come up with an extra $12,000. Anyway, Mr. Moorlach is running for Orange County Supervisor and you need to vote for him ( this guy knows what he's doing.)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

We had a party for 70 Marines yesterday at deva's! Guess I bought the bar about 20 years too late. Apparently back in the day when my bar was called Safari Room, Marines three deep vying for a cocktail was the norm. Too bad the Tustin Marine Corps base is gone:( It was a lot of work and we all had a great time. I need to go relax.

Semper Fi!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year!