Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I have neglected this blog for way too long now. I am definitely in need of some serious venting.

First of all I will report that I am running for a position that I could actually win..... Yeah! I am on the June 6th, 2006 ballot running for Republican Central Committee in the 69th Assembly District. A little too much Cherry Pie at Antenellos after the Central committee meeting in February and there I was signing up to run again. Okay, so it's not exactly the same. There's no campaign fundraising, no piles of paperwork, no much of anything . So it's completely not the same as running for Governor. Baby steps. I'll be at the end of the ballot, among a list of candidates with the instructions directing the voters to " vote for no more than six." Of course there are only seven of us, it's going to be an uphill battle:) Really, it mostly depends on where your name appears on the list. Well, at least I get to vote for "me" one more time. The way Arnold's handling things lately I am glad I voted for myself in that race. A lot of people I told to vote for him are regretting it now. I don't think the alternatives are even close, so Arnold it is hopefully for a few more years until someone like Tom McClintock can step in and win. Here's an article regarding his opponets, Tweedledee & Tweedledum as the author describes them:

Closer to home, there's an extremely important race heating up. All the rumors, backstabbing, and dealing going on. Who told me politics are boring? They haven't a clue! I'm talking about the Orange County sheriff's race. The Central committee meeting I went to in January of this year was full of energy as the primary campaigns were in full force. Lt. Bill Hunt was in attendance, a heck of a nice guy in my opinion. I have no personal opinion of Sheriff Corona because while I've heard him speak on several occasions, I never have actually talked with him face to face. One of his faithful followers was ripping up Bill Hunt's bumper stickers while I was trying to collect any that were left on the tables ( it's funny to see "big time" political people acting like little bratty kids). I've spoken to Bill several times, even met his wife, Debbie. They are such nice, down to earth people. I think Bill Hunt would make a great Sheriff for Orange County. That's my well- sought- after opinion, but Corona does have some major issues being played out in the newspapers. Everyday it's something different, this guy is taking a beating in the press. Corona lost the GOP endorsement at the last Central committee meeting on Monday night by one vote. I didn't go because I was feeling under the weather plus the meeting was mysteriously absent from the OCGOP events calendar?? I'm just an alternate at this point so I couldn't have voted anyway. It did sound like an interesting evening though.
Check out Lt. Bill Hunt's website: