Friday, April 02, 2004

Yesterday was my little brother’s birthday. So of course he received the usual “Happy Birthday Fool!” from his loving sister. I actually went to deva’s yesterday morning and announced to the morning crowd that I had sold the bar. I let their chins drop to the counter and put quite a scare in the morning bartender, Caroline (bless her heart, she just turned 66 two days ago) before I said the whole” April Fool’s” bit. The rest of the day they all pulled the same gag on the other regulars coming into the bar so we all had fun with it.

I am actually going to Sacramento this month for Advocacy on the 26th & 27th. This should be interesting; I’ve never been to the Capitol. Arnold will be at the luncheon on the second day I’m told. Finally, at least I’ll be in the same room with him. I’m so tired of everyone asking if I’ve met Arnold yet! The closest I’ve been to him was at his Car tax rally at the OC Fairgrounds during the campaign. All I could see was a car being smashed and a guy at the podium that I could barely make out. Anyway, I’m excited just to going up there and see how the legislature works.

I’m off to Camp Pendleton today to accompany a friend who just got back from Iraq and is on his way back in a few days. Thank God for Marines like him putting their lives on the line so we can enjoy our freedom!