Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Having a great time running around the Capitol! Posted by Hello

Inside the Senate Floor. Posted by Hello

Arnold speaking at our meeting in Sacramento. Posted by Hello
Sacramento is always an interesting trip. Arnold spoke at our meeting on Monday before lunch. Hopefully we gathered enough signatures for his ballot initiatives:) We could really use that redistricting plan, it may help get rid of a certain Congress person in the 47th.
On Tuesday we ran around the Capitol and visited with several of our local representatives. I ducked into a Senate committee hearing, that stuff goes quick! I think they even speak a different language:) Back at the Hyatt we heard from the Honorable Matt Fong, Howard Kaloogian ( Co-Chair, Move America Forward www. ,) Tom Campbell, Budget Director, and State Senator Tom McClintock.
There are always protestors outside the Capitol, everywhere. There were several gathered on one side to protest the regulation of acupuncture. I'm not big on regulation, trust me, but if someone is going to stick needles in people................ well, maybe it calls for some sort of guidelines. It's never boring up in Sacramento!

We were such the Gangsters! Posted by Hello

Mary is always the life of the party! ( Is that an Assemblyman in the bcakground?:) Posted by Hello

Me & Jeremy @ Roaring 20's Party Posted by Hello
I'm just getting caught up on things so here goes..........

I went to a Roaring 20's party for Aliso Viejo Republican Women Federated the night before I took off for Sacramento. Mary always puts on a great party every year! Pictures to follow...