Friday, December 10, 2004

The Holiday party was really nice last night at Alexandria Coronado's parents home. Alex even played the piano for everyone. She is such a genuinely nice person, I wish she would've kicked Loretta Sanchez' butt! Well, maybe next time we'll be able to get Sanchez to actually debate.

I went to the Chiropractor again today to get heated up, worked over, and iced down. Therapy is rough but hopefully it will work. I'm so tired of feeling this way!

The latest rumor on my recently departed employee is that her ex-boyfriend in New Mexico, whom is living on her property, used her gun to kill someone and buried the body on her land. I did see the listing of the land and a picture of the house, it's one of those under ground types. I forget what you call it but it's the kind of place you would go where you definitely have privacy, could live off of the land, and just disappear. Spooky. The ex also embezzled all the money from their business together, wrote bad checks from her account, and didn't pay any taxes for a few years. The property is supposed to be in foreclosure, it's comprised of 171 acres. I guess I can understand why she had to leave. She's moving out of state next week. Crazy!

Well, I better get ready for a Holiday Boat Cruise in Newport Harbor tonight. The Orange County Federation of Republican Women are having their annual Holiday event, this should be fun!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Tustin News - Online Edition
Okay, it's not a real big deal but I'm in the Tustin News today. I'm on page 10 if you care to look at the picture. I have my hair pulled back so I almost didn't recognize me:)

I'm off to a Holiday Party!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I just got back from the Chiropractor and I feel like a truck hit me. It's really painful getting worked on but I know it'll help. On the way home I stopped by Weinerschnitzel to continue with the Chili Dog Diet. Their 2 for $2.22 deal is going to make me fat! I heard a commercial last week and now I'm hooked. I've been to Weinerschnitzel twice in my life until then. I guess their advertising is working well. At least their fries still taste good, unlike the "healthy" grease they use at McDonald's. Jack In the Box & Burger King have horrible fries as well. That's my expert fry opinion being the self-proclaimed fast food critic.

Well, I had an employee quit last night. It seems she was under too much pressure from the job. I can completely understand how pointing out to her that it was not a good thing that she left the back door open to the bar one night last week was really being cruel to her. Also, I have to admit it was extremely pushy of me to request she come in early so I could attend a City Council meeting last night and to show disappointment when she showed up on time for the first time in months instead of early. I didn't even get to part where tabs were mysteriously not rung in the register, yet the banks came out perfectly even. I'm such a difficult boss to work for, a real slave driver. Most of my employees think that their shift starting times are merely suggestions. Any rules I may have are basically guidelines. I have to say I have several rules they must adhere to........... kind of.

Rule #1 Don't get drunk while working. Which was later modified to "No drinking while working." Which ultimately led to them to keeping the shots to a minimum.

Rule#2 Be on time for your shift. Which was changed to "Please try to come in somewhere close to your starting time." Now no one feels the need to rush in and out of traffic as they make the mad dash to work because they leave their homes 5 minutes before work and seem to forget that this Southern California and there may be just a little bit of congestion on the parking lots that we refer to as "Freeways."

Rule #3 If you need a day off please let me know way ahead of time in order to get your shift covered. That became " Call at least the day before if you're going to miss work." Which then was changed to "At least call sooner than 1/2 hour before your shift when you finally get your lazy butt out of bed and realized that you're to hungover to schlep booze all day long to dirty old men that are trying to look down your top."

Rule#4 Don't Steal. The fact that you forget to charge your friends for that last round of drinks is completely permissible considering no one is perfect and little mistakes can happen, besides it's not like we have to inventory.

Rule#5 No boyfriends at the bar while working. Modified to " Well, if he's there you might as well have him get you ice, stock the beer, and please buy him a drink on me." After all he's only there to eyeball any customer that may attempt to flirt with the bartender, affectively scaring away customers spending money or taking up too much of the bartenders time by ordering drinks, asking for change to play pool, or other activities which could cut into the quality time they could be spending together. Besides the bartender doesn't actually need all those extra tips anyway.

Rule #6 Don't flash... Ever! No modification on this one, I'd like to stay in business. There was one particular blonde that thought I was kidding. She lasted about 3 hours.

Rule #7 No Drugs! Again, no changes to this rule. One employee actually thought it was okay to smoke pot during her shift as long as she went out back............. she was both Wrong & Unemployed quickly! After she left someone found the bottle of Tequila with her name on it she hid behind the jukebox. No wonder she played so many songs!

Everyone thinks they want to own a bar someday. Follow me around for a week and I'll change you're mind real quick! Don't get me wrong, I have good employees as well that go out of their way to help make deva's a fun place. It's just the turnover in this business is high for a reason.