Saturday, October 04, 2003

I almost forgot, here's a little piece in the Washington Post today:

Just a little "light" bio!
Well, let me start by saying I walked a couple of miles campaigning (wearing high heels, ouch!) today in Tustin. I walked the Tustin Tiller Days Parade route all the way from deva's and to the Tiller Day's event. A filmmaker doing a documentary on the recall followed me. Bill Thill and I spent most of the day together as he followed me around the carnival event. We played a few games, Bill even won a goldfish. It was a fun time. The basketball games are fixed! I should’ve made a few shots and they flew right back out. It was a little difficult in a suit, heels, and wearing a mike with wires attached. It was a lovely parade, with marching bands and cheerleaders. I almost felt transported back to a small town in Ohio. I talked with several people and shook hands, handing out buttons and bumper stickers. I received a very warm welcome from everyone today. It was yet, another wonderful experience. I really felt a sense of closeness in the community there today. Bill is quite a remarkable person himself and I can’t wait to see the finished product of his work.
There were McClintock supporters urging people to vote their conscience, and the Join Arnold people had a booth with petitions to save our license. There were even a few Reva supporters wearing my buttons and T-shirts. The recent allegations reported by the LA Times about Arnold’s groping, and Nazi ties didn’t seem to make a difference around there. I noticed the younger people were still behind Arnold 100%. This is the first time a lot of younger people are voting, either because they just turned 18, or registered to vote because they're Arnold fans. One young man working a game took down my postcard after another girl put it on top of their display because he said he was for Arnold. She put it back up and started yelling to vote for Reva. I didn't hear one thing all day about either incident other than back at the bar when several patrons wanted to know if Arnold had "groped" me yet. I joked that I was still waiting. The Nazi stuff people sort of shrugged off as gutter politics and figured it was a bunch of BS. The people I know are more angry with the women being dragged forward after 30 years to tearfully tell their horrifying stories. Sort of like when Kobe was first accused and people were mad at his accuser. They feel that it's all a democratic ploy perpetuated by the L A Times and NOW and it's ridiculous. One guy said, "How about all the groping Davis has done to our wallets? What about Bill Clinton? Gary Condit? NOW is re-victimizing these women after all these years by parading them around as these poor helpless females that weren't strong enough to stand up for themselves 30 years ago. At the Join Arnold Rally the people were 100% behind him, and I heard nothing about either things except from reporters asking me if I thought Arnold should be forgiven. I haven't talked to one person who has changed their mind about voting for Arnold because of these stories. Then again, most of my customers and friends are either men or women that would love it if Arnold groped them! I haven't found it yet, and I may have deleted it, but I received an e-mail at the beginning of this campaign asking me if I had come into contact with Arnold or knew anyone who had. Then it requested I reply or give them names of women they may have had a bad encounter with Arnold, or heard that he had miss-behaved in any way. Apparently it was a mass mailing to try to get dirt on Arnold. My customers aren't surprised that this came out at this time. Democrats.

I can’t wait to see the interview and me singing on the BBC TWO in the UK! It’s on at 10:30pm in the UK on Monday night on a program called Newsnight. I’m probably repeating myself, but I’m so wonderfully exhausted I’m too tired to care. I had so much fun last night; there were so many patrons and friends supporting me. Everyone had a blast! The website is at:

There may be a way to actually watch it on your computer. I just watched the story on Siegfried & Roy in Las Vegas, where Roy was attacked by a tiger on the BBC website. Great site! I feel horrible for Roy; I hope he makes it through ok. Their show is amazing; I’ve seen it a couple of times several years ago.

I am watching a story right now on 48 Hours Investigates about Kobe Bryant. They just did a segment on James Worthy and how was unfaithful to his wife, even arrested for soliciting prostitution. I mentioned way earlier in this blog about the e-mail I sent to the Game Show Network about a certain Laker that kept asking out my roommate and me. Well, that was James Worthy. He called and left several messages on our machine back then. I even gave his phone number to my brother back in Ohio so he could call it and hear that it was really James. I have his autograph around here somewhere, I’ll have to dig it out and frame it somehow to add to my collection. I guess I never really paid attention to the fact that he has since been divorced.

Looks like I am having a party at deva's on Election Night. So far a radio station, photographer, and possibly ABC, will be there. I better get busy planning!

Last night went wonderful! Tim Overdiek from the Netherlands, NOS was there at 7pm as scheduled and we did an interview, which he will translate for back in Holland. The BBC News Night was right after him at a little past 8pm. They did an interview and then taped me singing “La Isla Bonita,” and “Hanky Panky,” both Madonna songs. It was so much fun, and they were all such nice people! The BBC interview will run on Monday evening in the UK at 10:30pm, and depending where you are, I’ve been told you can see it on your computer at the BBC website which I will try to find for you later on. I just got a call from a good friend

I’m late for the Tustin Tiller Day’s parade and I need to meet up with a person doing a documentary on this Recall! I’ll write more later!

Friday, October 03, 2003

Tonight the BBC will be at deva’s at 8pm to interview me for News Night, the UK’s version of our Night Line News show. Wow! I will be seen all over the UK! Doesn’t get me many votes here, but how fun! I thought it was for radio, but it’s actually TV! At 7pm the NOS from the Netherlands will be there, Tim Overdiek is the reporter. Looks like it’s going to be an Effen Vodka evening! It’s a really good vodka that just became available here. The black cherry flavor is excellent! I mention this because it’s a product of Holland. Should be a fun night! I better go get ready!

Thursday, October 02, 2003

I just got back from the Join Arnold Rally. I could barely see him! There was a ton of press covering both Arnold and the coalition of candidates on their bus tour. They have rented a big red bus and they are following Arnold’s bus all through the state. It’s a great idea; I wish I could’ve gone with them. They have press and photographers riding along with them as well. Some of the “other candidates,” have their own buses, such as Paul Walton (I’m trying to put some pictures up on the site today from the rally including Paul’s bus.) It was nice to meet him today, he owns Castle Creek Inn, Resort & Spa, down in San Diego. That’s where I’ll need to go after this whole thing is over for some R & R! I talked with Gene Forte; he’s driving his gorgeous convertible behind the bus. It was good to see everyone all pumped up and positive! Jim Vandeventer, Cheryl Bly-Chester, Jon Zellhoefer, Badi Badiozamani, and so many others! We all taped our pictures and signs to the bus. Everyone leaving the Rally had to walk past us and that’s when we had an opportunity to campaign and it was a good experience. The citizens were free to come and ask us what we believed in and where we stood on the issues, and several of them did just that. A young man started asking me questions and a reporter came over and recorded this young man interviewing me. That’s really getting out there and talking with the citizens! Representatives from Taco Bell were there as well encouraging us and the people to go to there website and view the candidates answers. There were two reporters from Australia in the parking lot looking for a ride to catch up with the buses; apparently they got left behind accidentally. Luckily I just happened to know the local taxi numbers, several of my patrons are smart enough to not drive drunk! Hope they caught up! I also talked with a reporter from the London Times today. He wanted to know what I thought about the allegations against Arnold that he mistreated women 30 years ago. There’s a big story in the LA Times today about how Arnold grabbed women. Arnold actually apologized today if he offended anyone and said he is a different person today and respects women. When is the last time a politician came out and apologized the same day as the story broke? Did the nation demand Bill Clinton apologize for what he did in the Oval Office? So three decades ago Arnold was a young body builder and actor and was living a wild single life, people do change! We all grow up (well, most of us) and change, it takes a long road to become who we are. I am certainly not the same person I was 10-15 years ago! Back then I walked around college in tiny skirts, dressed like Madonna, wore a ton of makeup, jewelry, and always high heel pumps! The girls on my basketball team at Cypress College used to do a cheer where they referred to me as “Kelly Bundy” from Married with Children because they thought I looked like her. I remember breaking a nail (long fake ones of course,) in the middle of a game and running over to the coach so he would hold them for me so I could glue them back on after the game! I’d say I am much different today (well, I still like shorter skirts). Life experience molds you into whom you become. Back then I just wanted to go to Hollywood to all the parties and hang out with celebrities. I used to be a manager at Wet Seal when I first moved out here and one time Cory Feldman came into the store with some friends to pick me up for a party. I didn’t even know who he was until the other employees started freaking out. Funny thing about Cory is that I ran into him years later on a flight back from London. We hung out the entire trip home, well most of the trip. He was in First Class, I was in Business class, and so they would make me go back to my seat once in awhile. The American Gladiators on that trip surrounded me; they were heading home from a show in London. Virgin Atlantic is the best!
In Hollywood I met so many people, and I had a guardian Angel watching over me because I did not get involved with any of the drugs or prostitution that goes on up there. No one tried to drug me or harm me in any way, which is amazing. I had fun, but always tried to use common sense. I met Tony Curtis one evening on Rodeo Drive at a fundraiser where Lyle Alzado was the guest. I have been to the Jackson’s house on Havenhurst, where I met Jermaine and several other family members and friend’s of theirs. I actually met Michael Jackson at some event at Universal Studios. Some one from the Heidi Fleiss organization actually tried to recruit me back then to work for them. Like I said, I had fun, but stayed away from trouble and those people!
Well, enough of all the Hollywood stuff, but I think you get the picture. I am no longer so star struck, trying to hang out and meet celebrities. I did a few pageants back then as well, Miss Garden Grove, and Miss Cypress. I had no luck in winning but I did learn from the experience. It’s funny, I always wanted to get involved with television in some way, acting or broadcast journalism, and I had given up completely to focus on business. I tried to buy a restaurant/ bar in Tustin back in June down the street from deva’s. The people that bought it paid $50K more than I thought it was worth or offered, so I was upset; I really had my heart set on that place. Everyone said, “Things happen for a reason.” I guess running for Governor was it! I never dreamed that this election would put me right there in front of the camera’s, reporters, and right where I always wanted to be………on television. Well, for now anyway, I know it will all be over soon. But how fun to be in the spotlight even if it’s short-lived. Strange how things work out sometimes.
I just received another Google Alert, there’s something about me in Toledo, Ohio:

I have an interview on Saturday with a person who is doing a documentary on this recall at deva’s after the Tiller Days Parade. These last few days are getting hectic. The UK channel 4 just called to apologize that they won’t be able to come to deva’s tonight as planned. They will try to get there tomorrow. It could be a crazy evening tomorrow at deva’s. The BBC and NOS from the Netherlands are still confirmed. I actually have to go play darts tonight; it’s deva’s dart league night!
I am still getting e-mails from Ohio. I even received an e-mail from a former Findlay resident who is retired in Arizona that said I actually waited on him at the Frost Top root beer stand. He said he knew and respected my father. Wow, I hope he’s not the one I spilled all the root beer on! I heard from my High School Principle Mr. Celebrezze, my health teacher, Doug Coates, several classmates, and people who live in Ohio that I don’t even know. Again, amazing!
I know my website is taking some of you a long time to load because of the size of the pictures. Check back later tomorrow, my friend Michael has offered to fix them for me so you can see everything more quickly!
Barry came with me today and has been a big help despite being on crutches still. He’s resting now before we have to go to deva’s. We are still waiting for word from the doctors on his condition. Not knowing is driving us crazy!
No time to write! I’m off to the car tax rally where Arnold will be! I’m meeting up with the tour bus to bring them water and sodas! CNN was set to follow me around today but the interview got pulled at the last minute for some reason?? Anyway, a film crew from the UK channel 4 is planning on coming to deva’s tonight. Friday evening the NOS, (not the NPR, sorry, my misunderstanding earlier) and the BBC will be at deva’s, along with a student from Cal State Fullerton. Should be an interesting night!
I am in the local paper back in Findlay today:
My good friend Daphnae Bishop called me yesterday from Findlay. I sent her a T-shirt, bumper stickers, and a bunch of news articles. She was so thrilled to receive them along with her 1985 High School yearbook that I have had sitting by my desk for three years! She has a cake decorating business called Creative Cakes. She must be good at it because she’s doing a wedding cake in Columbus this weekend! It is so wonderful to hear from everybody back home!
Look for me in the Toledo Blade on Sunday; I did an interview with them last night.
Gotta run!

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I’ve been at my desk all day today. It’s the end of the month, end of the quarter, and payroll day! No time for camera interviews today! I do my own payroll and quarterly’s so I have to concentrate on my business right now.
Well, I didn’t make the top ten pictures on which to vote for on the candidate camera website. I still urge you all to go and vote for a picture. After you vote on a picture, you have an opportunity to vote for a candidate for governor! So go…vote for me! Thankyou for all of those who voted on the poll I mentioned again yesterday at:
As of this morning, I was ahead of Arnold 17.4% to 14.5!

I mentioned yesterday about a student, Rachael, from Adlai E. Stevenson High School, in Lincolnshire, IL. Her teacher Barry Bradford sent me a delightful e-mail today thanking me for responding to her questions. I feel compelled to actually post his e-mail here because it made me feel like I, as an actual “average citizen,” can make a difference:

Ms. Renz,

I am a high school teacher from Illinois. In my attempt to see the
effect an average citizen can have on the political system, I assigned
each of my students to write to one of the citizen candidates for
California Governor.

One of my students recently wrote you and received a terrific response.
She was thrilled that you took the time to respond! (She was also
really touched and very excited by the positive mention you gave her in
your blog!) We read your response in class today and the students were
very positive.

I deeply believe that citizens must get involved if we want to see our
beloved nation become a stronger and more just country. I applaud you
for your initiative and energy and commitment. I am sure you must be
disappointed that your ideas and the press coverage for your campaign
have not translated into popular support. However, don't be depressed
by the polls - instead, feel energized by the positive campaign you
have run and the impact you have had on people, including my student.

Wishing you all the best,

Barry Bradford

"The most important human endeavor is to seek morality in our actions."
Albert Einstein

Barry Bradford
Teacher of USA History and Psychology
History Fair Co-Sponsor
Adlai E. Stevenson High School
One Adlai E. Stevenson Drive
Lincolnshire, Il 60069

I couldn’t have said it better myself. We need to applaud the teachers of this country for striving to make a difference! Thankyou Mr. Bradford!

This sort of correlates with this subject about students:
Taco Bell has launched a website at:
They have a question of the day for all the candidates to respond to and today’s question is from Ben Stein who asks us our thoughts on students in California educating themselves through reading rather than expecting the state to furnish them computer labs because of our budget crises. You really should check out the site, it allows people to ask the candidates questions as well. I believe I was third person to respond to Ben’s question.
My hometown called me for an interview tonight. Actually the one call turned into several follow-ups and a nice memory of my first job at Frost Top Root beer Stand when I was 12 years old. I was a carhop there. My mother and father ran the place in the summertime and employed my dad’s students and basketball players along with myself. I can’t remember if my little brother, Rick was old enough at the time. I’ll have to call him; he lives in Fostoria, Ohio. The place was torn down a long time ago. The story should run Thursday or Friday this week in The Courier from Findlay, Ohio.

Monday, September 29, 2003

Hey thanks for voting for me!
I’m actually ahead of Arnold Now! Gerold Lee Gorman actually e-mailed me today to let me know how well I was doing in his Recall Election Poll. There was a mention about his poll in the San Francisco Chronicle earlier:
At least I’m wining somewhere! Someone called me this morning from Washington; he’s with the NPR (National Public Radio,) and wants to interview me at deva’s on Friday evening. He said it would air in the Netherlands! I wrote his name down here somewhere but my desk is buried! Just to show you how even smaller the world is getting; I stopped by my dentist to drop off a calendar they requested and mentioned the Netherlands deal and the receptionist Nicole is from Holland. She is going to call her parents to make sure they listen! How funny!
I went to the post office today to finally mail off all of the memorabilia to family, friends, fans, and several schoolteachers today. It’s amazing how many requests I have received for interviews from all over the country by students doing papers on the Recall candidates. I answered all of them so far. Just yesterday I replied to an interview from a nice young lady in Long Grove, IL. She attends Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, where she is taking a History class and she was assigned to write to a candidate. Rachael wanted to know about the media ignoring the “average citizen” candidates and how I felt about it. She writes that she has seen me on the Jay Leno Show and on the news there outside Chicago. That right there is proof I am not being ignored by the media! I sent another teacher, Melinda Hatfield, in Visalia, CA, a calendar, postcards, pens and bumper stickers for her entire class. Hope they have fun with it; they are doing a project where everyone in the class pretends to be a candidate. I sent items everywhere, including to a teacher in Kentucky who is using the memorabilia to go around to schools and teach children about elections. To anyone out there who is still saying what a circus: Hello! Do you have any idea how this Recall is affecting the entire education system in this country? Kids are being educated on politics, soon to be voters are learning and taking an interest in our political system. This is wonderful! Thankyou to all the teachers out there involving your students and turning them into future informed voters, and possibly future politicians as well!

I received several e-mails from people who saw my aerial ad banner at the beach yesterday. I found out that after the pilot circled the Huntington Beach pier, a Sheriff’s helicopter took off after him! Guess you’re not allowed to do that! The pilot didn’t mention anything about it so he must have gotten back to Long Beach quickly. How does a helicopter pull over a small aircraft anyway?
I am having so much fun getting back in touch with people I used to know! I received more e-mails from my hometown of Findlay, Ohio. What surprises me is that no one from The Courier has picked up on the fact I’m out here running in this election. If they are interested in me in London and the Netherlands, why not Findlay? Oh well. I’m sure there’s a more interesting news event going on there right now. I just went to look at the www. website and the docket was full of news! A man was seen dumping trash into a dumpster, two pairs of binoculars were stolen from a garage, and a locker was broken into at Findlay High School. The docket was the biggest news item on the site so that’s where these interesting facts come from.
Good Morning America will have David Hume Kennerly, the editor of the candidate camera project, and Pulitzer Prize winning photographer on. He will be talking about the website and asking America to go vote for their favorite Featured Photo on the website:
It will be interesting to see which photos he chooses. I was the featured photo on day with the Top Ten Reasons to Elect Reva Renee Renz Governor! If you haven’t gone to that site yet, it’s interesting to see all of the candidates and the things they are doing, you should check it out. Speaking of the “other candidates,” I am on the group e-mail list with the candidates and so we all can read each other’s e-mails within the group. It’s pretty interesting; they are planning a bus trip to follow Arnold’s tour of California. One candidate, Jim Weir, is even planning on following in his Cessna 182 Skylane. That should make for an interesting trip! I couldn’t possibly go with my business to run and Barry to take care of. I wish them all the best if they make it!
Here’s the poll I mentioned earlier where I’m actually only a few votes behind Arnold!
If you haven’t voted for me yet, do it now and I could actually wind up ahead of Arnold and finish 1st! Wouldn’t that be a hoot?
Anyway, I had my aerial banner ad fly yesterday despite the horrible weather. The pilot got in a bit of trouble circling my bar because of the clouds and the fact that deva’s is in the direct landing pattern for John Wayne Airport! The FAA made him leave rather quickly! I wanted the banner to circle Edison Field, as it was Angel’s last home game this season and fan appreciation day, but the FAA said no due to security. The pilot did fly down the beach and circle Huntington Beach pier where my bartender Jynelle (JJ) was waiting to take pictures. I should have them up on the website later today. Well, I need to go to deva’s and get my liquor order ready for the week!

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Today the London Observer Magazine came out. I just need to find out where to buy one! It’s a good article focusing on me and I think they may mention some guy named Arnold something-or-other. Just kidding, I actually hope Arnold wins (any Republican is better than what we have now!) Check out the article at:,11913,1050827,00.html

Wow! I’ve actually made it International! I wish I had a physical copy of this magazine because they took several dozen photographs of me that day in Beverly Hills. I want to see if they included a picture or not. Also, the reporter called my bar “Reva’s,” oh well. I don’t think many people in London plan on stopping by!
All the candidates are in the LA Times today in a special voter’s guide section, unfortunately you can’t really see it well on the website.
I’m mentioned briefly in an article in NY Times today as well:
Well, I’m off to find a video recorder to tape my aerial ad banner that’s supposed to fly today along the beach and around deva’s. These clouds better burn off soon or it won’t happen!