Sunday, December 04, 2005

Let me catch up here quickly. November 18th we had our fundraiser for Tustin Area Republican Women Federated. John Moorlach, Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector, was our surprisingly entertaining guest speaker. I didn't expect to laugh so much as he explained the situation that Orange County faces along with many other counties around the state. Let's just say we're doing better than San Diego right now. It was a nice evening, no big event, and I'm sure we raised a bit of money to keep our club going.

I cooked a couple of turkeys for Thanksgiving and dropped them off along with all the fixin's to deva's before going to enjoy a nice dinner with close friends. Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving as well.

December 1st the Orange County Federation of Republican Women had their Biennial Convention which I attended. Dr. John C. Eastman, Professor, Constitutional Law, Chapman University, spoke about Religion and the Law. Quite interesting, I never put so much thought into the history of how our Country was formed and what they were thinking so long ago. I'm not a history buff, put it this way.............. I never took history in High School except half a semester of Civil War. I never had to take Geography either. I'm not sure how I missed those two subjects, but now I wish I would've had those classes. One of the first things I ended up buying when I moved to California was an Atlas so I could look up where all the countries were when I would meet somebody new. I did luck out on taking Spanish as my foreign language, we had a field trip every Friday to Taco Bell. I'm not kidding, that was the only Spanish that existed when I grew up in Ohio. Anyway, enough about my school days.

So here we are in December and it's only 3 weeks until Christmas. I've been sick for about 5 days now, trying to get rid of this horrible cold, flu, whatever it is. It's the most time I've had to relax, too bad it's under these circumstances. If I take any more Vitamin C I think I'll turn into an Orange.