Thursday, November 20, 2003

Don't open anything from Paypal! There's a lovely Paypal virus going around that really messes up your computer! I, of course, found out after trying to open an attachment that appears to be legit. I had to do a full system restore to finally get rid of it.

Off to meeting..........

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Okay, the game was great! The seats were directly behind the Lakers bench! Kobe, Shaq, Rick Fox (looking so cute in his street clothes,) and Malone………..all right in front of us! We were in the second row on the floor, Shaq is huge that close up! What a view; it was so exciting to be so close to the action. A friend of mine called me the next day to say the camera caught me in a close-up after it followed Shaq back to the bench in the 3rd quarter. I could see us on the Trinitron, right behind the Gatorade cooler. Barry was definitely shocked at where the seats were. Lakers kicked serious butt on Sunday night; Miami Heat just couldn’t keep up. It was nice to see Phil Jackson talk to the team during time outs, reminded me of watching my father at the away games when we sat right behind the team. Nice memories, I was attending basketball games since I was a baby. I was the mascot one year, and had my own little cheerleader outfit; I think I must have been about 3 or 4 years old. My father would’ve been 62 tomorrow; I still miss him so much! I know he’s up there watching over me and all my crazy stunts! Anyway, I can’t wait to witness another game on the Staples Center floor!

Big news today is about Michael Jackson and the search of his “Never Land Ranch.” His father was mentioned in the OC Register, citing an interview he did with the BBC saying he never beat Michael. The funny thing is that they mention Majestik Magnificent, Michael’s personal magician in the column. It’s Majestik the Magnificent, and that is his real name. I know because I used to assist him on stage sometimes up in Hollywood at a place, which no longer exists, called Carlos & Charles. At least I’m pretty sure the place is no longer there. That’s why I was at the Jackson’s house on Havenhurst the one time that I mentioned. That’s where I met Tony Whitehead who in turn hired my roommate and I to work the party for Luther Vandross at A&M Records, where we met James Worthy. See, it’s just that simple. LOL! It’s a small, small, world! Actually, Majestik, as I knew him, was a really nice person. He introduced me to Michael one night at a party I think I mentioned earlier. Majestik was completely against drugs, did not even drink, and was really close to Michael. Guess he still is, according to the paper. Last time I ran into Majestik was in Las Vegas at some nightclub probably 8 or 9 years ago. He doesn’t like living in California because he’s afraid of earthquakes. Weird, the stuff you remember about people.

Well, Arnold is taking action and the vehicle fee is back to where it was! Maybe I’ll check into buying a new car now; mine is getting a little old. Old convertible BMW’s are not cheap to fix! He is taking a look at the illegal immigrant license bill, SB60. Let’s hope he does something with that one!

I heard back from Assemblyman Todd Spitzer today. I had e-mailed him, asking for advice. Todd said to “read the newspapers, get involved, attend meetings, and work hard!” Guess I’m on the right track for now.