Saturday, September 06, 2003

I went to L.A. today for an interview with KCET TV for a show called “California Connected” that is air on September 18th at 8pm on Public Television. I was extremely nervous for some reason. Oh well, everything cannot turn out perfect. At least I made the effort and showed up. Apparently my being present was not acceptable to one particular candidate, Iris Adams. She walked over to meet me and then asked if I would be attending the meeting tomorrow in Beverly Hills. When I told her I planned on showing up she remarked, “You’re just here for the camera’s anyway.” Then she gave me a nasty look and walked away, never to make eye contact again. What a rude person! I was hoping to meet the other candidates to listen and learn from them. Almost everything and everybody have been positive up to this point. I guess she must be jealous?? Too bad, I really look up to businesswomen that have more experience than myself. Well, not Iris any more. I’m tired and hungry so this will be short. Goodnight.
A Picture of Arnold and me.

Friday, September 05, 2003

Can I just say that today really blows! I didn't make it on the "Who wants to be Governor" Game Show. I thought I might actually have a chance. Oh well:(
Well, here's another place to go vote for me if you have the time:

Thanks for all of your support!
Hey! Go see the latest Straw Poll! I'm 4th! Actually it's funny because I'm right under James Vandeventer. Go vote for me if you get a chance! It's at:
My debate wasn’t all that good. Two of the candidates didn’t even bother to call in. It was just James Vandeventer & myself. He expressed himself much better than me. I received some bad news right before walking into the radio station. I don’t want to get into that right now because that’s an entirely different situation. Plus I don’t want to bum everybody out---at least not today.
Yesterday this guy “Henry” came into the bar to meet me and scared the hell out of me! He had called a few times before to see when I’d be in deva’s, he sounded nice. Well, he came in and asked me out. When I wouldn’t give him my cell phone number he waited in the parking lot until I left and followed me. He cut me off at the light, pointing to pull over. Then he turned and the light turned red so I stayed. Anyway, my friends at the bar were calling me on my cell phone to tell me he was following me and to come back to deva’s. Too late! I haven’t seen him since and I was careful on my way home. I know there will be some odd ones coming around. He was so convinced I should date him and didn’t want to take NO for an answer. He said he’d still vote for me though. If that’s how I have to get votes I’m in trouble!
There’s a live lobster in my kitchen! A friend went to Boston and, well, this morning a little visitor was left on the doorstep! My friends will have to cook it though; I’m not a fan of lobster. Plus I couldn’t kill the poor little guy!
Back to work!
I had a terrific time at the luncheon yesterday. The Orange County Federation of Republican Women is a group of intelligent and inspiring individuals. I enjoyed and completely related to the keynote speaker Dr. Barbara Stone. She is a Political Science Professor at Cal State Fullerton. Dr. Stone shared her thoughts on this recall and she was just as humorous as she was informative. I’m so glad the Tustin Area Republican Women invited me to this event. Bottom line is that we all need to get together and support a Republican for Governor because we cannot afford more of the same with Davis or worse, Bustamante! The obvious choice is going to come down to either Arnold or Senator Tom McClintock. Every Republican knows that or they should. Now we just need to make sure they all go to the polls and vote for the recall and for a Republican. That’s what I’ve stressed from the beginning in my interview with channel 11 & 13 UPN back on August 10th when this whole thing started. One of the speakers talked about “thinking outside the box,” I definitely fall into that category! I spoke with Gayle Pacheco who is running for Assembly. She thought that is was great that I had the guts to do this and she told me to keep on going after the election. You can visit her website at . I also talked with Anna Bryson, the President of OCFRW, and she suggested I run for City Council here in Santa Ana. Maybe? I have no idea what comes next. The entire afternoon was so encouraging that I’m defiantly joining this group. To be surrounded by so many people who have the same thoughts and ideas was so invigorating!
Okay, I know, I’m getting way too serious now. Don’t worry I still went to deva’s later last night for a cocktail or two and to play in our dart league. Thursday nights are so much fun with all of the people playing in the dart league. We also have a dart tournament the first Saturday of every month at 5pm. I don’t play in it because I’m not really any good at darts. Just lucky sometimes!
KGO radio called me this morning for a taped interview that they will be using next week sometime in their news broadcast. I believe they big in San Francisco. Now I have to get ready for my first debate (ever!) on KUCI 88.9FM, Campus Talk UCI. This will be a new experience for me. The only debating I’ve done was behind the bar arguing with my customers! Hey, maybe that was good training? We shall see!

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I have been at my desk since 9am this morning. There are so many opportunities awaiting me that I couldn’t possibly utilize them all. It’s wonderful yet frustrating at the same time. I will be attending a luncheon tomorrow to meet with the Orange County Republican Women’s Organization. This should be both interesting and informative. I don’t pretend to know everything about this election or politics in general, and it will be nice to listen to experienced people in this field. I do believe I am here for the right reasons. Basically I am angry about our current situation here in California! I cannot believe I am not seeing a larger uproar from the citizens that live here. What is happening in this state is absolutely ridiculous! The rest of the nation needs to pay attention and get involved. This is bigger than California! Things are happening here that are not for the good of the United States of America. The constitution of California is being completely ignored and no one seems to care except a small group of average citizens running for Governor in this recall election. This is the group that everyone else in the world has dubbed the “Recall Circus of California.” I say let’s all stand up and be counted for what we truly believe in as citizens of this great Country!

I’m exhausted! Just sitting down at my computer at home. The flight back from Vegas was a little bumpy and the landing harsh! Must have been the pilot’s first day on the job. The world is a small place! On the way to Vegas I met a couple of guys at the Sports Pub at John Wayne Airport from Boston. Upon learning of my candidacy, the guy named Mark got on his cell phone and before I knew it I was talking to a person who actually is signed up for my golf tournament coming up on the 13th of September. He played in my tournament last year as well. How funny is that? Apparently these two guys are best friends from High School. The guys at the airport got a little drunk and wore my bumper stickers on the plane and sang “Reva Las Vegas!” to the dismay of many passengers until one of them just passed out! They were a little embarrassing but they were so funny! On the way back today a person (Brian) I’ve known for several years was on the same flight. This guy Brian used to be my manager at a bar I worked at about 6 years ago called “Blondie’s.” I ran into him one other time in Vegas at the HardRock Casino. His Dad even signed my nomination papers. I should thank him really. It’s because of him I bought my first bar. He made me so angry one day because I was told I would be fired if I didn’t work a Thanksgiving. I had asked to have it off so that I could cook a big dinner for friends. The next day I looked in the paper and found a little bar for sale right down the street! (More on that episode later.) After that I went to Tustin and bought deva’s. There’s so much to do I don’t know where to begin! Gateway sent all of the candidates a nice digital camera so that we can submit pictures of our “behind the scenes campaign.” Wish I ‘d received it before the Vegas trip! The editor of the website will be choosing a picture each day to highlight. The website is . It’s interesting, or at least it will be after I get my pictures submitted! You can click on any of the candidates who signed up and see their photo album.
I received an encouraging letter today from a gentleman in Florida named Bruce. It’s amazing that people are following this recall from all over the USA. Actually, from all over the World! This is the second letter from Bruce. In the first one he sent me a $1.00 to help defray the costs of my campaign. How sweet of him, I thought that was so cute! Now if I could just get millions of people to send me $1.00 I could compete with the big boys! I could run my TV commercials right after Arnold! (Well, it’s fun to dream!)
Well, I better get back to the e-mails and the surveys! I got the SoBig virus and need to run a program to delete it. All the candidates have been e-mailing each other and they hit “reply to all” and I’m pretty sure we all have it. What a mess! I received 136 e-mails today and a lot of them have something to do with this virus. Do you think someone intentionally e-mailed us the virus? There’s really no way to find out I guess. Back to work!

Monday, September 01, 2003

Hey! I'm having a great time in Las Vegas! I'm sitting here in the Diamond Lounge at the Rio having a glass of wine. Cher was her extravagant self with every Drag Queen in tow! The show opened with an unknown comic who quickly made fun of California and the entire recall. He then suggested a way to solve the California energy crisis by tapping into the millions of women on stairmasters to let them power the state.
The weather is perfect and I've restored my fading tan. There's nothing more relaxing than sitting under the waterfall poolside while it's 100 degrees out! There's so much work to do but this is a welcome break from all the recall madness.
The picture posted earlier today was from Saturday in front of Kelly's Smoke shop in Tustin, down the street from deva's. The million dollar Macanudo bus was a class act as well as Kelly himself. Kelly's shop is worth the trip, I encourage anyone with interest in tobacco products to go visit. It's on El Camino Real and once you enter you'll feel like you're in an Irish countryside Pub with the finest cigars.
Well, I must get back to the casino and try my luck! There's a roulette table calling my name!
A new picture of me