Wednesday, October 31, 2007

For those of you with a lot of free time, here's the link to a copy of the actual unsealed indictment of Corona & Gang:
It was a long morning reading all the dirt on sheriff Corona in today's OC Register. What a mess! Talk about a scary Halloween day! How many black cats must have run across Corona's path while he was walking under ladders, holding an open umbrella inside!? He isn't stepping down without a fight apparently. Great, we are a County with a sheriff that had to take his wife and assumed long-term, married, girlfriend ( ok, the term was "mistress," whatever,)and turn themselves in to federal authorities this morning. Basically he needed to arrest himself! All this looks so bad, it doesn't help things with our local OCGOP either. I was an alternate on Central Committee for Tim Whiticare when the big endorsement flap was going on. One meeting they voted to not endorse Corona because of the once-upon-a-time rule of not endorsing one Republican over another in a primary. Then the next meeting they suspended the rules to go ahead and endorse Corona. Tim stood up against the endorsement, even filing a lawsuit against the OCGOP! He took a lot of heat for standing on principle. Now we can understand why Tim worked so hard to get Lt. Bill Hunt elected as Sheriff. I think he'd make an excellent choice to fill in if for some reason later down the road Corona feels the need to step down:)

Supervisor John Moorlach said Corona should resign. Actually John has had quite the year battling the sheriff's unions over pensions and retirement issues. Then his replacement for OC Tax Collector( I think he preferred Treasurer...again, whatever-I know who's name was on my property tax bills!!), Chris Street, came under fire for a bunch of crap I don't care to get into. Politics are such an interesting soap opera. I like John, he was an excellent speaker two years ago at our TARWF (Tustin Area Republican Women Federated)annual fundraiser. He knows what he's talking about and is trying to prevent us from becoming like San Diego, or "Enron by the Sea" as he put it.

Our speaker this year is Tom Del Beccaro, Vice Chair of CA Republican party. If you haven't been to his website yet, I suggest you check it out:

He has a book coming out "The New Conservative Paradigm" on Nov. 13th. Just in time for our fundraiser:) I've had the pleasure of hearing him speak on several occasions and he does a great job educating, explaining, and offering solutions on keeping our Republican party headed in the Right direction. You can request Tom as a speaker for your event through his website.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's time to dive back into the political scene again. So much is going on here in Orange County. Sheriff Corona was indicted today on several charges including taking cash & gifts. I think his wife and girlfriend were as well? This is where I get to insert a huge "I TOLD YOU SO!" That's why I supported Lt.Bill Hunt for Sheriff in the last election. Bill is a great guy that deserves to be our Sheriff. We had a dart tournament fundraiser for him at my bar, he is such a down-to-earth guy. It was so disappointing on election night when the results came in. Corona immediately demoted Bill for speaking out against him! Now the bumper stickers make even more sense "Restore Integrity And Trust!"

The wealthy Don Haidl was funneling money into Corona's campaign. Haidl's son, Greg, is currently serving time for raping ( and they video-taped it... a new standard for stupidity,) a woman in 2002. It gets better, Haidl was an assistant sheriff to Corona. Oh, and another assistant, George Jaramillo, is sitting in jail after pleading guilty to federal tax evasion and mail fraud back in March. Corona fired him in 2004 because he was being investigated for among other things..... interfering with the sexual assault investigation involving Greg Haidl. Nice circle of friends huh?

I don't personally know any of the bad guys in this story. The only person I met was Don Haidl's personal Chef and assistant, Marshall ( at least that's what he said he was,) at Chat Noir. He saved me from being hit on by the old men at the bar:)

Is anyone working on the screenplay yet?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The following are a few pics from Los Cabos, Mexico. The One & Only Palmilla resort is soooooo nice! The seagull and iguana came by every morning for fresh watermelon and pastries-really! The first pic is my b-day dinner table on the sand:)

Spent the day cleaning up ash in the back yard. We finally got some real sunlight today:) I'll have to try washing my truck tomorrow, good thing it's already gray!

I have to get some of the pics up from my trips this summer before it actually turns into 2008. As we get older time just can't be caught up with- why is that? I remember the last time I was actually BORED. It was in Ohio in the summer sometime in the 80's! I guess that means I need to slow down. Well see on that one...