Saturday, June 11, 2005

Very appropriate sign on the Orco building off the 55 Fwy:

"Honesty pawned can never be redeemed"

Friday, June 10, 2005

I don't even know how to begin this post or even if I should write it but I can't ignore the fact that my life has just dramatically changed. My current relationship is now completely over. I just went through another man. Apparently I forgot to check the expiration date on this one. Apparently I thought that a "promise ring" meant that they were making a promise. I mistakenly bought into the idea of "I love you " meaning just that. I don't want to sound like a whining, crying, overly-dramatic, hysterical, scorned female......................... but I just had my heart ripped out! I didn't realize that when someone has your wedding thought out, picked the area where to buy a home together, picked out the name of the child we were possibly going to have ( it was Zachary, or Zack for short,) and professed their undying love over and over again, that it was all a fantasy story. A screen play, written and directed by a pathological liar. To have the ability to take a tiny little part of a truth and twist it into an elaborate collection of never ending fantasy stories is frankly a scary, evil, disgusting individual! The sad thing is that there's no happy ending for anyone involved. I will spare the details of this tragedy in hopes that he receives some serious help so that an absolutely adorable 3 year old will one day have a decent father to be there for her. I couldn't imagine growing up without my father, he shaped who I am today. I wish he were alive today so I could go cry on his shoulder. We are all still "Daddy's little girl" no matter what our age.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Chili Cook-Off in Tustin was last Sunday and us Republican Area Ladies had a great booth. We registered voters and had people write messages to send to the Troops. I even got talked into the "Hot Legs" contest..................No, I didn't win. A mere second place with no trophy:(
It's always a fun day with about 18,000 people roaming the streets of Old Town Tustin while drinking beer and eatin' chili.

In a totally un-related story on E-Online:,1,16711,00.html?tnews

I talked to this reporter a while back after mentioning Majestik Magnificent in this blog. Didn't think I would be included in the latest news story covering the Michael Jackson trial. Very bizarre.

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