Monday, June 11, 2007

A really fuzzy picture of Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle giving Rudy a Stanley Cup Hat from the Ducks.
Okay, so it's June already! Some global warming, I barely have a tan. I even had to go to Laughlin to get it! On top of that, it wasn't that warm there either. Ahh...... back to my outlet for whining.
I went to the Flag Day dinner last night in Irvine, along with 1100 other Orange County Republicans. Rudy Guiliani gave a speech that convinced me that he should be our next President! Well, now Rudy can relax since I'm on his side:) If you weren't there, you need to watch some of the video clips from the OC Register's website.

He talked about what's really important, illegal immigration and our security. Oh, and as a bonus....... he had a plan. An actual plan for stopping illegal immigration. Of course, building the already-authorized fence and enforcing the already-made laws made too much common sense. So he went beyond that and talked about a plan implemented in NY that significantly reduced crime. Then he spoke of how we could use that plan to stop the illegals from continuing to pour over the border. Simple. Yeah, yeah, I know...... sounds good if he means it. I think he does.
I bought a great picture of Ronald Reagan at the Berlin Wall, it even has his autograph in the frame. It was a great night, five hours went really quick. I felt bad for Steve Poizner, our Insurance Commissioner, he had to try speaking after Rudy and through dinner. John Kobylt from KFI AM 640 was there, he's so funny! I knew I could count on him to yap long enough for a restroom break.