Thursday, December 02, 2004

Finally! I just got the message that my car is ready! I don't believe it, it's only been 8 days short of 4 months! Now if I can actually drive it, that's another story. On Monday I argued with the M.D. that is supposedly treating me. Dr. Sharma told me there's nothing he could do because the MRI results came back normal and there is absolutely no way my sciatic nerve could be causing me pain. He said I would need to go to "pain management" and get shots in my back. I refused and he told me to get another doctor. I don't do shots, especially in my back! I refused to go to therapy until I was seen by the Chiropractor that runs the office. That was earlier today, and it took him all of 5 minutes to diagnose me with piriformis syndrome. The piriformis muscle irritates the sciatic nerve and causes pain in the back, rear, and down the leg into the foot. The pain is basically "sciatica." Figures, I don't trust doctors that don't listen to their patients and dismiss them as anxiety ridden females because their medical results say that nothing is wrong. They worked me over pretty hard today and iced me down, I have a feeling I'll be bruised tomorrow. That's okay as long as I start feeling better. Finally! I guess this is my lucky day, after almost 4 months of intense pain they figured something out and I get to go pick up my car! My car should be perfect by now!

Monday, November 29, 2004

It's Monday....... again. Still no car, still in extreme pain, still not able to sleep well. On the bright side I get to go to work and do inventory, deal with the liquor salesmen, wait for the phone to ring to see who can't work for whatever reason. I had to bartend yesterday because one of my employees decided to go to Vegas Saturday at 3am and just couldn't make it back. Lovely. This is the same girl who called in hungover 1/2 hour before shift, and missed the following week because she fell down and sprained her ankle (while drinking). She's a sweet girl, just not all that reliable. The best excuse was when another bartender called in and couldn't come to work because her luggage was lost at LAX returning from vacation. Apparently she couldn't come to work because she had no panties or makeup to wear. I had one girl a couple of years ago who called in that her Dad had a heart attack (which was a lie), the next week she didn't show up because she was in a coma, and the next week she couldn't make it because she was in jail (not really). There's' never a dull moment in the bar business.