Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Well, I survived! I've been taking it easy waiting to see how the injection is going to work. Ice every hour for 20 minutes and pain meds. It was a different experience, that's for sure. First the nurse couldn't find a vain so she kept poking my left arm, it's turning a lovely shade of purple and yellow now. Finally a Doctor came over and stuck the IV in my right wrist, fun. Then they left me waiting for 2 hours! They kept running in and out of the operating room, apparently they were having problems with a long procedure. Great. Then finally the Doctor comes up to me in goggles, covered in that stuff they wear when they do x-rays to protect your body parts, I didn't recognize him. Then they tell me to walk into the operating room and climb up on the table, lay on my stomach, then they bring this giant X-ray machine over. At this point I looked at the anesthesiologist and told him that this better be the point at which they knock me out. Next thing I know they woke me up gave me juice and got me dressed. This was like 10 minutes later, weird. Anyway, my left leg was completely numb so I had to stay there another 45 minutes until I convinced them my boyfriend could carry me if he had to. Anything to get out of there! So now I have to just wait and see.

I'm listening to the news right now and KFI just reported that Michael Jackson has his personal magician with him now, sitting with the family. That's Majestik the Magnificent that I was talking about sometime ago. I used to assist him on stage up in Hollywood back when I first moved to California. I have some pictures of him around here somewhere, I'll have to dig those up. That's how I got to meet Michael a long time ago at Universal Sheraton during some R&B party. I was there with Majestik and Cory Feldman. Cory used to do Michael impressions on stage at the Hollywood parties, he was obsessed with Michael. I also saw him on TV a few weeks ago saying how Michael never laid a hand on him, I think he had to testify. I haven't seen Cory since we ran into each other on a flight back from London, years ago! Funny, it's such a small World. Majestik always tried to keep a low profile, he move out of CA a long time ago because he's deathly afraid of earthquakes. Last time I ran into him it was in a club in Las Vegas. He used to live at the Jackson's house there in Vegas. Well, that's my news update.

Back to the ice for now.............

Sunday, March 20, 2005

I know it's been awhile. Still trying to deal with this....whatever it is! I go in tomorrow for an epidural finally. I had to start calling the doctor everyday to try to get in. Apparently this guy is good, my Chiropractor said he's the Doctor that detoxed Rush Limbaugh. That's all I needed to hear. If Rush trusts this guy I guess he's good enough for me. Anything to not be in chronic pain any longer! I've been laying in bed all weekend. The terrific idea my Chiro had to use Lanacaid and ultrasound sent me overboard on the pain factor.
I also had to get tax stuff ready, Corporations are due March 15th. That gave me a month less to procrastinate.
Well, wish me luck tomorrow!