Friday, March 19, 2004

We had a busy night on St. Patty’s Day. My friends Allen & Kathy cooked up a bunch of Irish food for deva’s. We’re usually not that busy but I guess people are getting smarter and staying closer to home. Most of the big Irish bars are down along the beach. I’m not complaining, we had a great night!

I’m sick again. I’ve been in bed and I’m going back there after I’m done checking my e-mails. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done when you’re trying to do too much. I burn the candle at both ends and it always catches up to me in the way of a sore throat or cold. I’ll rest this weekend. Last Sunday I went with JJ, a deva’s bartender, and some friends down to the beach. It was so nice hanging out by the water listening to live music. The food is really good too at Billy’s down on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). The band “The Jetson’s” played at deva’s a few times before, they are pretty good. It’s just such a small world. We also went over to Margaritaville and took over the dance floor for a while. That’s how a weekend day should always be.

Back to watching boring TV. If I see one more commercial for dental assistant school or for lawyers promising you millions of dollars, I’ll scream!

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I attended a luncheon today for the Women’s Auxiliary of the Arthritis Foundation in Fountain Valley. One of our Federated ladies, Jeanne Graves is the President of the group and I went as her guest. I can’t believe how many truly wonderful people I keep meeting. These ladies are a terrific group and I believe the only “Women’s” Auxiliary for the Arthritis Foundation around. They are currently raising money to send children that suffer from arthritis to an outdoor camp called Camp Esperanza (Spanish for “hope”) up in Big Bear. Hopefully I can help somewhat, it’s difficult with my schedule. Anyway, I had a lovely time chatting with everyone today. It’s so fun to see the reactions from different people when they find out that I ran for governor. Most are at the least curious; some just think it’s wonderful. Of course there are the ones that roll their eyes, but oh well, maybe one day they won’t think it so funny when I actually accomplish the task of winning a race. I’m thinking politics, but if it comes down to it I may need to run a marathon (okay, walk, crawl, bicycle…).