Friday, September 19, 2003

What a day! I’ve been at my desk since 7am!
Can you believe someone shot a doctor in the Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Baldwin Park? Barry and me were just there last Friday for his surgery. I heard a doctor was shot but is doing okay. They haven’t even caught the guy who did the shooting! The news is reporting it was a 70-year-old man. ?? Scary!
Hope things settle down there, we have to back there in a few days.
Well, the fundraiser is tomorrow and Barry has been putting together kabobs all day for the BBQ. I invited Fox 11 News and the producer, Greg, said he would put me on the list. So unless any major news developments happen we will have press coverage of the event. Greg sent me an e-mail the other day and can I just say what a great guy he is. He actually took time out of his busy schedule to thank me for driving up to L.A. for the interview last Sunday. Hope they show up tomorrow!
What a delightful surprise last night with CBS broadcasting live from deva’s on the 9pm and 10pm news on Channel 9. Apparently Channel 2 and 9 are the same. I was told the interview aired on the 11pm News on Channel 2, but didn’t get to watch so I have no idea if that was the case. Reporter Carter Evans was really nice; he’s also very handsome. The networks are really finding attractive reporters these days! It was a story on blogs, which highlighted this one right here! I never dreamed I would get so much attention from doing this. That, of course was not my intention, I am writing this for myself. The fact that so many of you out there are following this blog is just amazing! I have started writing my book and this blog helps me to go back and recall just exactly how I was feeling each day. It still catches me off guard when someone approaches me that has read this and knows just what’s going on in my life. I usually respond with “How did you know that? Oh, you read my blog.” I want to thank someone who has helped me with my website and who encouraged me to do this blog. Michael Washington is a good friend that I lost contact with for several years after college, who tracked me down via the Internet. Technology can be such a great thing in this regard. I acted in his student films while he was attending Cal State Fullerton. As a thankyou for seeing his projects through and always showing up so he could complete his work he offered to help me with deva’s website. A good friend of his, Melanie, actually designed the site. If you’re reading this Michael, I want you to know I appreciate everything you’ve helped me with!
On another note, my boyfriend Barry is doing just fine. He has bounced back from the surgery rather quickly as he always does. Just some pain where they packed his knee with cement to keep the bone from shattering. Dr. Helmsteder at Kaiser is a top surgeon who has helped Barry tremendously. He always leaves us laughing, which is so important and helpful to maintaining a positive attitude. Barry’s sister, Nirmala, called yesterday because a friend of hers was reading my blog and directed her to this site. She didn’t know he had surgery and wasn’t too happy Barry didn’t let her know. Nirmala is such a treasure to know, she has the biggest heart! At least now she can find out just what’s going on with him by coming here to this blog. Again, amazing the power of this to reach people in good ways.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

The Angels lost yesterday:( Allen Abel interviewed me during the game. He’s here from Toronto, Canada doing a story on the 100th Anniversary of the World Series and a story on the Recall. He did say that I was the best interview he had so far because I actually “get it.” He writes for The National Post and sometimes for Sports Illustrated. Nice guy.
I want to go to the Abolish the Car Tax Rally today in Anaheim at the Ayres Hotel. Hope I have enough time, there will probably be a ton of people there. I think it’s a good thing John & Ken are doing. After that I need to be back at deva’s for Channel 2 News, they are going to do a story on this blog.
All of the candidates are being invited to the taping of the Who Wants to be Governor Game Show next Wednesday. I’m going for sure, sounds like fun. They mentioned we would be shown on camera and may have a chance to participate in the show somehow. Too bad we don’t have a shot at the $21,200 prize!
This Saturday at deva’s we are having my Fundraiser in the afternoon around 2pm. We will be grilling chicken and steak kabobs served with rice and refried beans for a $5.00 a plate donation. I will be receiving the Recall Calendars tomorrow so they will be available on Saturday as well. They picked around 16 of the candidates for the calendar, which includes all of the major candidates and a few of us “other candidates.” Can’t wait to see them! You can go to to get an idea of what’s included. I’ll be giving them away, autographed for $15.00 each. They will be sold in all Barnes & Nobles bookstores soon for $14.95 plus tax. So if you’re interested let me know! I’d be happy to send anyone one for the donation to my campaign. You can do this on my website and just put CALENDAR in the message line using paypal. Or if you would like, you can always send the donation to deva’s and I’ll make sure I send it ASAP! Since we are on the subject of memorabilia, I also have bumper stickers, buttons, postcards, and pens. E-mail me if you are interested!

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Jesus Christ Superstar was interesting! The entire evening was so much fun. What a small World we live in. Barry (my boyfriend,) ran into a friend of ours yesterday at the grocery store and he learned we were going to see the show. This friend, Patrick, then invited us to his home before the show to meet his boyfriend, Caesar, and the boyfriend of the lead actor who played Jesus. What a unique group of people! We all went to the theater and meet up afterwards at TGIFridays. We met several of the cast including Eric, the actor playing Jesus. Eric’s boyfriend suffers from a severe case of ADD! I guess that was obvious after spilling his wine and dropping Zanex all over the floor! Eric did what I thought was an exquisite job! It was my first time to watch this very progressive show and I thoroughly enjoyed everything from the priests, that looks as if they walked off the set of a Star Trek movie, to the dancing King Herod with the flashing neon signs and the talented Soul girls. I better stop, it sounds like I’m writing a review. Go watch it if you get a chance! The show is at the Orange County Performing Arts center.
Anyway, what does that have to do with the election? Well, I’ll tell you. People are people, whether you’re gay or straight. Doesn’t sound very Republican of me but I respect the freedoms of other people to choose which way they want to live. Which brings me to an issue in this election, Gay Marriage. I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, and I want to preserve the sanctity of that. At the same time I believe anyone should have the same protections of marriage if they are committed to each other and are planning a life together. I think if we called it something else, like a “Civil Union,” that more Republicans and people in general would be able to accept that. The debate (if you can call it that,) with Jim Vandeventer on KUCI, with Doug Hill actually got me thinking about this issue. Actually I think it was Doug who came up with the “Civil Union” terminology. That ends my thoughts on that issue for now.
I’m going to the Angel’s game today. A reporter from Toronto called me earlier today as he was in Santa Ana and wanted to interview me and it had to be before 11am because he was going to cover the Angel’s game as well. So, now he will be interviewing me at the game. He told me he had lunch with Angelyne yesterday in Santa Monica. The reporter thinks she is in her 60’s. He told me she ate her salad with her fingers and used her nails to pick things out of her food she didn’t like. ?? Strange. You have to give her credit she made herself famous by billboards!
In other news, Marey Carey’s platform is in trouble. It was in today’s Orange County Register that Los Angeles is awaiting the signature from Mayor James Hahn on a city ordinance to ban lap dances! So much for making them tax deductible. Actually they already were tax deductible at 50% for entertaining for business purposes. But who’s paying attention to details? I can’t believe they are banning lap dances. I heard that the city used around $16,000 to do a study on lap dances. How many city employees do you think volunteered for that job? So does the city of L.A. get to write off that study as a tax deduction? I guess Marey Carey got her way in some obscure sort of way. This ordinance is ridiculous; don’t they know it’s going to take a ton of taxpayer money to support the starving dancers when this goes through? Dancers make the majority of their money that way. What’s next?
I just want to say to the people at “The Wienerboard” that my posts are actually mine. It’s a different sort of website that I stumbled upon through Google. You can check it out at:

Oh, one more item. The recall calender is finished. To view it go to:

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

The people at Fox 11 were terrific! They were all so friendly and helpful. Jeff and Susan were pleasant to talk with. I also met Jennifer who does the sports; everybody is so good looking on the 10pm Fox 11 News! I was so nervous when we went live on the air because my earpiece went dead or the volume went way down so I had to listen to Jeff and Susan on the other side of the studio. I could barely hear Susan. Oh well, it was another exciting experience!
Tonight I’m off to see Jesus Christ Superstar . I need diversions from this busy campaign schedule! A friend of mine is close friends with the lead so we’ll probably go back stage afterwards to met the cast. How fun!
On the website , I’m the featured candidate today! Check it out! Yesterday was Gray Davis with Bill Clinton at a church. They sure did a 180 today by putting the picture of me in my bar with a Top Ten list of reasons to vote for me (mostly funny of course.)
This delay by the 9th circus court is ridiculous. First of all the study that the ACLU used to convince the Judges that the voting process is unfair was conducted by a company that sells electronic voting machines! Give me a break! At least that’s what I’m hearing on KFI AM 640 on the John & Ken Show. Those two are so funny! I may just go to their event tomorrow in Anaheim to help Abolish the Car Tax! Senator McClintock will be there for the first hour. They will be handing out petitions to rescind the Car Tax. I can’t wait until the petitions come out to rescind SB60!
I’m off to the theater!

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Hey! Here’s a poll where I’m actually ahead of McClintock!

The golf tournament was a success! It’s always nice to get out there in the sun and have a good time. I needed that diversion. Of course I didn’t start driving the ball worth anything until the 15th hole! I think the three Sugar Free Red Bulls (my favorite beverage,) and the flip I did off the bench (yes, I used to a gymnast back before I had to choose between gymnastics and basketball,) got me going! I drove the green on the 17th (not bad considering it was 157 yards,) and was really on my game by the 18th hole. Figures! Actually the 19th hole is my expertise! Anyway, my caterer flaked on me three hours before the start of the banquet. Luckily I have some good friends at deva’s that organized, cooked, and served 80 people a rib, chicken salad, and pizza dinner with a few hours notice. Thanks to Dino, Jim, Greg, Leisa, Carletta, Barry, and Kathy! They are always there to help, nice to have a business where customers are friends as well.
Barry is doing well, walking around on crutches. He actually did some of the cooking yesterday as well. Just waiting for test results still.
Tonight is the channel 11 Fox News interview; I hope this goes better than the last one. I should be on sometime tonight on the 10pm news. Wish me luck!