Friday, January 02, 2004

Happy New Year!

I have nominated deva's as a meet-up place for all you fellow Republicans! Check it out:

2004-Year of the Deva!

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

It’s almost 2004! So much work to do! I bartended the last couple of days so I’m even further behind. Tomorrow is payroll and the big New Year’s Eve Party at deva’s. We are having chicken, spinach dip, and appetizers. I think we serve more food then most restaurants during the holidays. I wish deva’s had a kitchen! I made gallons of “Mad Cow Stew” (vegetable & Top Sirloin) for Sunday football two days ago. The patrons ate every drop and asked for more. I don’t think many people are actually worried about getting Mad Cow disease. The line is still around the corner at Inn & Out, the hamburger joint, down the street. We had steaks on Christmas Day. Its just one cow, linked to Canada, come on. I’d probably die from chocking on a piece of steak before I’d actually die from Mad Cow Disease. A person actually wrote in to the OC Register today proclaiming they weren’t going to eat beef anymore because of all the pictures on TV of cute little cow faces being slaughtered. Okay. That guy probably believed the commercials of the “Happy Cow” in California as well. Does he think that the cheese slices on his turkey or chicken sandwich today came from “Happy Cows” roaming free in the sunshine over the vast green, daisy covered, hillsides? What about the poor little cute chicken or turkey faces that were slaughtered for his non-cow meal? Give me a break. I guess we all should become vegans, wear man-made material shoes, and hug a tree.

Friday was such a lovely day at work. By the time I got there the ice machine stopped running, the cash register died, and several light s had burned out. It wasn’t even a Monday! Deva’s is such an electrical nightmare. The previous owner was an electrical contractor, and still is! Scary! We have outlets in the strangest places. The one above the TV’s is fell out of the ceiling when I first took over. I really would like to remodel the place. Only problem is all the laws, regulations, ordinances, commissions, departments, landlord, etc………. maybe someday. ( There are so many idiotic regulations that prevent imprvement.)

I’ve got to get all these bills in the mail and start searching for the bottom of my desk again before next year starts!