Saturday, September 11, 2004

It's too nice outside to stay in the house. It's about 90 degrees and the pool water is 88.......perfect! My back and neck are still hurting and it's been a month already. No news on my car yet so I will assume that it's being fixed. I'll have half a new car when I get it back:)

I can't believe it's been 3 years since 9-11. Visiting Ground Zero gives me a better understanding of what happened that day. So many are still displaced from their homes, business is struggling, and there are pictures & personal items of the victims hanging in various places. I'm sure there isn't a dry eye anywhere near there today. I hope everyone will take a minute and say a prayer for the families affected by 9-11.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

It has been a quite Labor Day weekend for me. I rested by the pool all weekend trying to recover from NY. It was 100 degrees out the other day, just perfect! Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well.
Now it's back to renting a car, going to work, and off to the doctor. Fun.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Me & Pete Wilson and his wife on the U.S.S. Intrepid. Posted by Hello

Me in a simulator on the U.S.S. Intrepid. Posted by Hello

I ran into Paul Walters again, this guy is everywhere! Posted by Hello

Having a great time on the U.S.S. Intrepid. The cutie on the left was on Bay Watch! Posted by Hello

At the end of the RNC on the floor.  Posted by Hello

The RNC was so much fun! Posted by Hello

It felt like New Year's Eve times 100! Posted by Hello

The ending of the RNC. Posted by Hello

Right after the President's speech, his family joined him on the stage. Posted by Hello

President Bush & First Lady Laura Bush! Posted by Hello

President Bush. Posted by Hello

On the floor listening to President Bush! Posted by Hello

Four More Years! Posted by Hello

I was to the left of the President. Posted by Hello

President Bush! Posted by Hello
Mafia International - john gotti
RNC Day four continued:

The final night of the convention was so exciting! I started out having dinner at Stark's Steakhouse, where Gotti had Paul Castellano "whacked." The steaks were the best, way too much food though. If you're curious what happened with Gotti just follow the link after this entry to read the story. Anyway, so on to the Convention and who do think I walked by walking past the metal detectors? Only Henry Kissinger, just standing there saying hello to people. I missed that photo opportunity though. I went down on the floor again and ended up about 15 rows back from the stage off to the left of where President Bush spoke. It was so amazing to be there and be a part of this great night with the President standing there on stage! I thought he did a great job with his speech! After the speech it was like New Year's Eve, the Angels' winning the World Series and the Laker's final NBA Championship game , all rolled into one! You couldn't even walk there were so many balloons and streamers. The confetti had little circles of different pictures of President Bush and First Lady Laura, Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife Lyyne Cheney. I know, you're thinking I'm over doing it here, but it really was a spectacular evening!
The party that night was on the U.S.S. Intrepid, the invitations were dog tags. The ship is huge, it's a museum now full of interesting things I wish I would've been able to see in the day time. The view of the city was great from there. They had a band, good food, and it was a lot of fun! I actually had the opportunity to meet Pete Wilson and his wife and take a picture with them. They are such nice, down to earth people. What a great finale to this awesome Convention!

Arnold has the star power that's for sure! Posted by Hello

What a great day........I finally met Arnold! Posted by Hello

Arnold giving his speech at Planet Hollywood. Posted by Hello

Congressman David Dreier introducing Arnold at the Planet Hollywood luncheon. Posted by Hello

Arnold with Gerald Parsky. Posted by Hello

Standing right in front of Arnold as he is greeted by Junior Delegates at Planet Hollywood. Posted by Hello

Bill Jones & wife Maurine, Pete Wilson, and wife, Gayle awaiting Arnold's arrival at Planet Hollywood. Posted by Hello
RNC Day Three:

At this point I could not volunteer any longer because my back, neck, arms, hands, etc....... hurt too much to stand there all night! Luckily I had the opportunity to go as a guest the last two evenings. Day three of the RNC turned out to be very relaxing. I went on a yacht ride on New York Bay and to the Statue of Liberty. The Coast Guard zoomed in right in front of us when we approached. I guess they weren't used to seeing the California and Orange County flags flying around there very often! It was such a nice day, I just found a chair in the corner and didn't move. I don't think I could've walked around, I was having severe muscle spasms that day and my hands were really shaky. The Statue of Liberty is so beautiful as well as impressive. I could've just sat in front of her all day long.
RNC Day Four:

It just kept getting better and better every day! I got a last minute invitation to Planet Hollywood for a luncheon with Arnold Schwarzenegger! I was standing outside to greet him as he pulled up, so I got a few close-ups of him. I was cut out of the picture in the NY Times by one person at the event:( There were hundreds of people out side trying to get a glimpse of Arnold. He was introduced by Representative David Dreier and Arnold joked about how he had made good money on Planet Hollywood. After his speech he exited right in front of me so I got to finally shake his hand! People have bee asking me for a year now whether or not I've met Arnold..................Finally! Standing close by me, I said hello to Bill Jones and his wife, Maurine. I wish Arnold would do more to help Bill out, we need to get rid of Boxer! Also, Bill Jones' Campaign Chairman, former Governor Pete Wilson and his wife were there. I got a really good picture of them standing outside to greet Arnold.

Me with Sally & Tom Weir at Tavern on The Green. Posted by Hello

At Tavern on The Green with the ice sculptures. Picture taken by Congressman Rogan ( I told him I'd give him credit:) Posted by Hello

Me & a sister Republican with Paul Walters in the background ( he ran for Governor as well, but ran as a write-in). Posted by Hello