Saturday, June 12, 2004

Nice hat Hoops.........matches those new flaming boots! Posted by Hello

Stan & Patti at McCole's Posted by Hello

At McCole's in New Mexico with Rose, my karaoke partner. Posted by Hello

On the road again......... Posted by Hello

Chicken fried steak..........I think I gained 10 pounds! Posted by Hello
It was a long day but here we are in Denton, Texas at Destiny Dallas RV Park. We had dinner at this place tonight called "Catfish O'harlies's" where you have to fill out a form with your driver's license in order to purchase a beer. Weird! I guess it used to be a dry county and so the restuarant is a private club where they put you in a computer to see who you really are. Different, that's for sure. Anyway, I had the largest chicken fried steak I've ever seen in my life! Hoops had frog legs, catfish, & crab something or other.
Anyway, we head to Shreveport tomorrow, it should be a quick trip. I'm exhausted..........time for sleep!

More Cook-Off fun with Leisa, Trish, and her oh so adorable daughter. Posted by Hello

Cook Off with Dino, Terry, and Terry's boys Posted by Hello

Registering voters at the Tustin Chili Cook-Off last Sunday. Posted by Hello

In front of Stan & Patti's house. Posted by Hello

A better picture on the road Posted by Hello

RV & Purple Harley Posted by Hello
Well I guess I have some explaining to do. I have decided to take a road trip across this great country. A friend of mine is moving back to Georgia where he signed on for two more years in the Marines. Hoops (short for his last name Hooper) could've retired after twenty years in but decided not to. Anyway, so we loaded up the RV, hooked it on to the Ford F250 power stroke diesel, put the Harley on the back and here we are in Amarillo, Texas.
The first two days was mostly driving. We stayed in Williams on the first night, which is a cute little old fashioned town. We then went to Albuquerque, or rather Placitas where Hoops good friends Stan & Patti live. We had so much fun with them. We went golfing at Santa Ana Golf Club (figures I go all the way to New Mexico and end up right back in Santa Ana). It's beautiful out there with the mountain range in the background. Anyway, after golf we went to a local bar, McCole's, and sang karaoke. Next on to Santa Ana Star casino where Hoops won $400. What a perfect day!
The following day we took the bike out for a ride and went to meet Desiree for lunch at Laundry's. Desiree is Dino's mom who lives in Albuquerque but visits us at deva's several times a year. There isn't a helmet law in New Mexico which is so nice! The sunset was gorgeous riding out in the mountains. Then we played Uno with Stan & Patti, which is a lot of fun. I haven't played Uno since I lived in Ohio.
So we left New Mexico yesterday and drove to Amarillo where I'm using "hotspotzz" at a KOA campground to get all this online. We'll be leaving in a few hours to go to Denton.
If any of you know me, you know I'm not the campground type. But I have to tell you, everyone should do this at least once. It's a great way to see this country!
We watched Ronald Reagan's funeral yesterday. That was quite an impressive service. It was a sad day, I felt so much for Nancy and their children.
As soon as we got in Texas we stopped for fuel and the first person we met was a Democrat! Hoops said something nice about Reagan and this little old lady just complaining about how there's nothing on TV because of all the Reagan stuff. There's people all over not thinking straight!
Well, gotta get going. I'll have more for you when I can find another "hotspotzz."

Friday, June 11, 2004

At the 19th hole after golf with a couple bloody Mary's and Stanley Posted by Hello

At the Santa Ana Golf Club in New Mexico Posted by Hello

At the Santa Ana Golf Club in New Mexico Posted by Hello

Me & Hoops in Placitas, New Mexico  Posted by Hello
I finally have internet access! I'll write more tomorrow! I'm using hotspotzz at a KOA campground in Amarillo, Texas. Miss you all!