Thursday, June 24, 2004

I'm trying to get back in the swing of things, it's tough after two weeks. I attended a fundraiser last night for Dr. Alexandra Coronado. She is such a super individual, I can't tell you enough. She is going to beat Loretta Sanchez this November and represent the 47th District in Congress. The 47th happens to be my District so I will feel much better knowing that we will be represented by someone who actually cares. The only thing I ever heard from Sanchez was printed on her dopey Christmas cards that I have received the last two years. They are really annoying, she and her cat dressed up as some kind of Terminator. Weird. Anyway, I hope to help get the word out about Dr. Alexandria Coronado in my neighborhood.
Tonight I'm off to a reception for Bill Jones. Again, I can't wait until we get rid of Barbara Boxer! Bill Jones is very impressive, a real cowboy! Boxer is just, well, Boxer. Need I say more? The woman has been representing (if that's what you want to call it) California for far too long. It would be nice to take back California this November. We are so far out of line with the rest of the Country! We absolutely have some of the most stupid regulations and laws! At what point will there be more things we can't do than we are allowed to do? At what point do we just hand over all our money to the government and let them decide how to spend it for us? When will we have representation that will go to Washington and truly address the problems here in California?
I think that will be when we elect Alex and Bill!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I really enjoyed New Orleans! Posted by Hello

Here we are at Bourbon Street. Posted by Hello

Spotted this in a window heading towards Bourbon street. Couldn't afford to buy it so I had to take a picture. What a handsome man! Posted by Hello

What an amazing place! You could spend hours looking at all the pictures of history. Which is how long it takes to digest those po'boy sandwiches covered in gravy! Posted by Hello

Hoop standing under the original "Tun Tavern" sign when the place was a recruiting station. Posted by Hello

Inside "Mother's" where the walls are covered with Marines. The former owners had 6 children in the Marines. Posted by Hello

In front of "Mother's" with a couple of their famous Bloddy Mary's. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Well, I guess this is the end of the road. Not many RV's dropping people off at the airport! Posted by Hello

Getting Close Posted by Hello

Downtown Atlanta Posted by Hello

Interesting Sign in Atlanta Posted by Hello

One last Harley Dealer stop in Dalton, GA at Mountain Creek. Posted by Hello

In front of my Mom's house. Posted by Hello

Getting ready to go to Atlanta. Posted by Hello

Side of my Mom's house leading out to the lake. Posted by Hello

Okay, so you can see I gained 5 pounds from all the good southern cookin'. Posted by Hello

We ended up at a Marina in the mountains somehow. Posted by Hello

Mom's house in Tennessee Posted by Hello
As you can tell, I'm back home now. I'll post some more pictures from the trip tomorrow. It's strange being back, things seem so different.