Sunday, January 30, 2005

Today I ventured into Chuck E Cheese. There is a reason they sell beer there. I normally don't drink beer but it tasted really good for a change. There's a big mechanical mouse, a trillion kids, and sucky pizza. A rather hefty young fellow got excited when the giant rat started singing and fell under the booth I was sitting in. Carlos then managed to get himself wedged between the table and booth for a short time until Mom came to his rescue (she had to put down her beer, I emphathised.) After that a large group gathered at one of the long tables down in front by the overstuffed mechanical vermin. I was certain that an episode of " Jerry Springer" was about to break out. It was very evident that they were all related, they had tattoos to tell each other apart ( and that was just the Mom's.) Anyway, at least I went with the absolutely cutest kid in there and she just wanted to play some video game where acorns crush the skull of a bear and a token lasts all of 10 seconds. She was happy, that's all that matters. It was just like being at deva's, only the customers were younger, beer was more expensive, and then there's that big goofy mouse-thing that's raking in a fortune.
Always an adventure!