Friday, August 13, 2004

Can you tell it's my car by the bumper stickers? Posted by Hello
Well, I went to a chiropractor and they took X-rays of my neck & back. Apparently nothing is fractured, but it sure feels like something is! Whiplash is the worst, everyday something new hurts. I was stopped in traffic on the 55 North (it's always a parking lot around 5pm) and this girl apparently couldn't see out of her eyes and plowed right into the back of my car. Didn't even try to brake! After un-hooking my seatbelt so I could breath again, I got out to see if she was okay because she was crying. Turns out she has no insurance and a suspended driver's license. Lucky me. For some stupid reason I don't have rental car coverage so this is going to cost me some money. The CHP only cited her after I pointed out she was uninsured with no license. I think she drove away before the tow truck came to impound her car. I just talked to the body shop and so far the estimate is up to 5K. The guy said my spare tire in the trunk saved me a lot of bodily injury since it had to be deflated to be yanked out. She hit me so hard she broke my driver's seat. Well, I'll make it............... so don't worry. I'll put up a picture I took after the accident, but it doesn't really show all the damage.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I realize it's been awhile. I was in an auto accident and I may have seriously injured my neck & back. I will be going to a doctor tomorrow to check it out just to be safe. My poor little car is smashed:(
Anyway, I have a lot to catch up on and I hope to do it soon provided my neck isn't broken!