Friday, December 19, 2003

Today is deva's Christmas party! Too much fun all day and all night! We are having food, fun, shooter specials, presents, etc............. I even wrote out cards for almost all our patrons. Lots of work! All the presents barley fit in my car! I just love Christmas!

I went to the Christmas Chamber mixer last night. I actually had a good time there ( what a change from the boring mixers of the past). The Chamber is going in a much better direction than it was previously. They have a good group of people invloved now. Who would've thought? A chamber that is friendly and actually promotes business! Amazing! I can't believe no one came up with the idea earlier!

I did attend the Grand Opening of Rosario Marin's Campaign Headquarters on Monday evening. She is just an awesome individual! I can't say enough about her! I spoke to her briefly, she is so down to earth and easy to talk to. Some of the Republican Federated Women where there as well; it was nice to talk with them as well.

Well, better get to work! Gotta find the holiday costume to go with my 7 inch, red leather, platform boots! I'll be singing "Santa Baby" all day long!

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Too much to do before Christmas! What a crazy week!

One of my employees ex-husband, and father of her chidren just passed away the other day. Another employee is at the hospital with her young child who is having difficulties breathing. And one more employee just got back from Indiana after taking care of his sister who was in the hospital. What a terrible time for everybody!

Anyway, I need to prepare for the Christmas party so I'm back to work...........

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Okay, I’m back! That flu was just nasty! Seems like everyone is sick, even Barry’s doctor was ill. Lot’s of good news to report!

They captured Saddam! Yeah!

He looks like crap. Living in a little 6' by 8’ hole in the ground? Looks like the $750,000 he had with him was doing a lot of good. Just proves that money isn’t everything. The wimp didn’t even put up a fight. This is the guy who urged all his people to fight to their deaths? They should torture this idiot for the rest of his pathetic life. I'm extremely grateful that no one was hurt capturing him. Great work Military!

We went to Barry’s doctor on Thursday right before the OCFRW Biennial Convention, honoring Anna Bryson, President 2002-2003. Good News! The “hot spots” that the doctor was so sure were a return of his cancer, were only areas of dead cells killed by the radiation that Barry underwent. Yeah! The doctors still can’t believe how well Barry is doing! Every time they basically hand him the death sentence, they end up being wrong. I always stay positive and keep Barry positive because there is always HOPE that the doctors are wrong. And in Barry’s case, they usually are! Now if we can get him through this flu season safely, he’ll be doing okay.

Back to the convention on Thursday………… it was a really nice event. I ran into Brooke Adams, and met her father, John Adams for the first time. I should say Orange County Superior Court Judge John Adams, who won his position as a write-in during the run-off election of 2002. They are both extremely nice people, Brooke even mentioned she may go work in Washington D.C. Good for her, we need more intelligent young people there to make changes. There were so many people there I couldn’t see everyone when they were recognized. I’m still trying to put names with faces. In no particular order: OC Supervisor Tom Wilson; Mayor of Tustin, Tony Kawashima (he was actually the photographer as well); Stan Freberg (really, if you don’t know who he is go to: ) ; and of course the main guest, Paul Shanklin. I didn’t get a good look at the many other wonderful people that were in attendance. Paul was so funny! He does most of the humorous songs you hear on the Rush Limbaugh show. We had such a good evening seating with all the wonderful people from the TARWF.

Tomorrow is the Grand Opening of Rosario Marin’s office headquarters. I will be there after work for sure. If you still haven’t visited her website, I suggest you do so at: . I plan on doing whatever I can to help get the word out to help Rosario Marin beat Barbara Boxer from Marin County ( funny huh?)