Friday, August 12, 2005

I just received this poem in an e-mail and thought I'd share:

French Poem written by an American Patriot....
Eleven thousand soldiers lay beneath the dirt and stone,all buried on a distant land so far away from home.For just a strip of dismal beachthey paid a hero's price,to save a foreign nationThey all made the sacrifice.And now the shores of NormandyAre lined with blocks of white:Americans who didn't turnfrom someone else's plight.Eleven thousand reasons for the French to take our side,but in the moment of our need,they chose to run and hide.Chirac said every war means loss,perhaps for France that's true,for they've lost every battle since the days of Waterloo.Without a soldier worth a damn to be found within the region,the French became the only landto need a Foreign Legion.You French all say we're arrogant.Well hell, we've earned the right--We saved your sorry nation when you lacked the guts to fight.But now you've made a big mistake,and one that you'll regret;you took sides with our enemies,and that we won't forget.It wasn't just our citizens you spit on when you turned,but every one of yours who fell the day the towers burned.You spit upon our soldiers,on our pilots and Marines,and now you'll get a little sense of just what payback means.So keep your Paris fashions and your wine and your champagne,and find some other market that will buy your airplanes.And try to find somebody else to wear your French cologne,for you're about to find out what it means to stand alone.You see, you need us far more than we ever needed you America has better friends who know how to be true.I'd rather stand with warriors who have the will and might,than huddle in the dark with those whose only flag is white.I'll take the Brits, the Aussies,the Israelis and the rest,for when it comes to valor we have seen that they're the best.We'll count on one anothe ras we face a moment dire ,while you sit on the sideline with a sign, "friendship for hire."We'll win this war without you and we'll total up the cost,and take it from your foreign aid,and then you'll feel the loss And when your nation starts to fall,well Frenchie, you can spare us,just call the Germans for a hand,they know the way to Paris.

Please forward to all Americans, so they will not forget...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Jodi & her man with their"kids." Posted by Picasa

Entertained by Cindy's son,Jonathon, at the Family Picnic.  Posted by Picasa
Well, here are the pictures from my trip back to Ohio. It was so good to see everybody! Sometimes you need to go back to where you're from to see how far you've come!

We did have a great time at the reunion! Posted by Picasa

The more they drank, the more they acted like they were in High School! (I don't know what's up with the date??) Posted by Picasa

Class of.............. I'm not saying what year!. Posted by Picasa

Me & Vicki, she sure stayed gorgeous! We had so much fun in school together. Congratulations Mrs. North Carolina! ( The date must be a camera malfuntion??) Posted by Picasa

You can't see them too well, but some crazy guy is trying to grow Palm Trees in Ohio. Good Luck at first frost! Posted by Picasa

Driving back to the airport....... this has always been siting there in the middle of nowhere. Strange huh? Growing up I had no idea what it was. Posted by Picasa

Playing ball with my brother, neice, and nephew. That was just how I grew up. Posted by Picasa

Me & my baby brother. Posted by Picasa

Chad played basketball for my Dad. He's running around Ohio State now somewhere! Posted by Picasa

Flag City USA! Posted by Picasa

At the park where I used to go feed the ducks everyday. Nice to see some things don't change. Posted by Picasa

The Hay-bailing, Pumpkin farmer family. Luv ya Daph! Posted by Picasa

Dedge...... he played basketball for my Dad, which kept him out of trouble! Posted by Picasa

Me & Pat, she lived down the street from me growing up.  Posted by Picasa

Dan, obviously a former football player! Posted by Picasa

Me & Andee, one of my best friends from school. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I had a great time in Ohio. I actually went back to see family and attend my High School Reunion (I'm not saying which one!) I'll have the reunion pics up tomorrow. If anyone from the Reunion has any pics they want to send me I'll be happy to post them here.

I'm standing in Daph's field of pumpkins. I do miss all the green back in Ohio. Posted by Picasa

Baby pumpkins! Posted by Picasa

I do miss the sunsets in Ohio. This is behind Daph's house. Posted by Picasa

My friend Daph and her daughter in the Heartland where they bail hay and hoe pumpkins. Posted by Picasa

Yes, I'm standing in a corn field. It's Ohio, that's what it looks like for miles and miles. By the way that's "Field" corn not "Sweet" corn. I actually learned the difference:) Posted by Picasa

Bob Evans Biscuits & Gravy............ my favorite! Cures any hangover:) Posted by Picasa

Bob Evans Restaurant Posted by Picasa