Friday, May 21, 2004

As you can see by now, I finally figured out how to put pictures on my blog. I should have lots more after this weekend, I'm off to Palm Springs..............have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Standing in front of the Governor's Office Posted by Hello

Picture from my "Party for the President" on April29th Posted by Hello
I have been busy golfing this week. Monday I played in a tournament at Anaheim Hills; they really sunk a lot of money into the new clubhouse. I actually got up early at 6am to golf which almost never happens. Yesterday I played at Tustin Ranch and it was a gorgeous day outside. There's nothing like a long walk on a sunny day with a bloody mary in hand. Oh yeah, and we golfed. Okay, on the back nine I golfed. On the front nine I was just enjoying the weather in between some of the most horrible drives ever. It was nice to be outside there instead of inside at a Board meeting for a change. TARWF holds all our meetings there and I'm always staring out at the greens jealous of all the golfers.
Well, I'm back to the boring paperwork.